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Where To Find Art, Fashion, Jewelry & Inspiration

Our artsy-fartsy sides are literally dying for all these things 


No matter your style, aesthetic and preference, there is always a piece of art out there that you can appreciate. And from the multitude of mediums to choose from – whether fashion, paint, sculpture or even jewelry – there’s something out there for everyone.


And where do you go for the hodgepodge of art that’s out there? Salcedo Auctions.


Last weekend, Globe Platinum teamed up with Salcedo Auctions to present The Well Appointed Life, which served as the perfect avenue for anyone to pick up any and all forms of art.


From fashion and jewelry—

Mary Katrantzou couture silk ruffled dress and Céline black structured dress
Different Rolex watches
Federico Aguilar Alcuaz “Untitled (Abstract), Arturo Luz “Imaginary Landscape”, Federico Aguilar Alcuaz “Untitled (Abstract)”
Emmanuel Garibay ”Maganda”
Juvenal Sansó “Untitled (Fishpens)” and “signs Awakening” 
And sculptures.
“A Pair Of Standing Balul”
“A Pregnant Boundary Marker (Padao),” “A Kinibigat (House Post)” and “A Boundary Marker” 

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No matter your aesthetic and preferred means of expression, you were sure to find something that satisfied your craving and you could work into whatever setup you already have at home.


The items that were up for auction were no joke. You could find some of the biggest names in the industry were included in the for-sale library. There were paintings from Fernando Amorsolo, Ang Kiukok and Bencab. There were sculptures from the 1950s and even a piece tapestry from Federico Aguilar Alcuaz. There were couture pieces from Céline and vintage Rolex watches. You could also find pieces of fine china and even a china cabinet from the 1920s.


Bencab “Untitled Mother and Child,” “Long Haired Woman” and “Sabel”
“Two male Standing Figures Holding A Bowl,” “A Seated Figure Holding A Box” and “A Seated Figure Holding A Bowl”
Ang Kiukok “Still Life With Table”
Federico Aguilar Alcuaz “Untitled (Tapestry)”
Fernando Amorsolo “Untitled (Women Cooking)” and “Untitled (Farm House)”
Chinese Cabinet from the 2ndQuarter of the 20th Century
So whether you were looking to expand your current art collection (or closet) with some one-of-a-kind pieces or if you were simply planning to start, Globe Platinum and Salcedo Auctions had you covered from head to toe – quite literally.

On the first day of the auction, top art connoisseur Richie Lerma even announced a special treat for one of the Auction attendees. The holder of paddle 917 was surprised with a 3-day, 2-night vacation package to Amanpulo, one of the country’s most breathtaking resorts.



Congratulations to the winner and thank you to Amanpulo for celebrating and supporting Globe Platinum

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