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Work From Home Must-Haves on Shopee

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Working from home for almost a year has had its unavoidable ups and downs. If we’re being honest, there are still days when we’re adjusting to the present-day setup. Now, there are practical ways to set the mood and make this an enjoyable arrangement. You just need to create the perfect layout for your day to day, and if that means sprucing up your space and making way for an intentional desk makeover, then so be it! 

We don't know about you but, aside from an aesthetic work space, there’s really something inviting about having the right tools to make working from home fun. Where to start? Here are some items to add to cart via Shopee!  

Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Drink up! Increasing your water intake on a daily basis—at least eight glasses of water, of course—is essential for overall good health. Owning a pretty cute bottle that’s Instagram worthy, too, is a must! Have a much needed water break from time to time, especially for seemingly endless Zoom meetings. 

Shop the Glossier Water Bottle

Tea Bags


Instead of that overpriced iced coffee you can easily purchase via Grab, why not switch to tea for that much needed caffeine? Drinking tea is also a good substitute for water! Offblak’s breakfast tea is a great way to start your morning; you can even have it mid-afternoon when you need that extra kick to finish off the day.  

Shop the OFFBLAK Future Is Pink - Earl Grey & Rose Black Teaere

2021 Pocket Planner

Yes, we’re already heading towards the end of the first quarter of 2021, but who said it’s too late to start using a planner? There’s just something about writing down your to-do list and appointment for the day that makes your load more tangible. Choose from 10 colors, and start plotting your calendar! 


Shop the Prism Slim Diary

Digital Study Timer

Self-control has definitely been tested in quarantine where everything’s just more distracting. If you want to go old school and skip the phone apps (who are we kidding?), a digital study timer is a safe bet. Did we mention that it makes for a pretty cute desk trinket, too? 

Digital Timer

Shop the Digital Study Timer T-580.

Pocket Organizer 

A clean space paves the way for a clutter-free mind. Keep your space clean with a pocket organizer for your notebooks, an iPad or tablet and even your chargers. It comes in white, red, pink and lavender, too! 

Shop the Twinkle Tablet PC Pouch

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