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10 Indoor Activities to Unleash the Fitness Buff in You

#FitnessGoals, #FitnessBuff, #Fitspiration, #BodyGoals. So many hashtags yet so little time to work out

Thankfully, you can start your fitness agenda indoors. Grab your trusty workout playlist and get those muscles cranking with these indoor sporty activities!

1. Boxing

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Just because it’s boxing it doesn't mean you have to get in the ring and fight. Let's leave the serious jabs to Manny Pacquiao but still get in the sport to train muscles, increase stamina and improve cardio.

What you'll need: a tough girl/guy attitude, a pair of gloves and a good trainer to get punchy strong in no time.

2. Jumping ropes

Photo via Pixabay

You’ll be surprised with how hitting the ropes six minutes per day can do wonders for your cardio endurance and overall strength.

Jumping up and down also equals to running, and it’s a fun way to get fit!

3. Badminton

Photo via Pixabay

Remember the time when badminton was the it sport? Well, it still is. So get ready to put your arm swings to the test again.

Playing badminton offers a lot of health benefits such as increased muscle tone and strength, flexibility, mobility and improved overall health.

4. Swimming

Photo via Pixabay

'Tis the season to cool off and take a nice refreshing dip at the beach or the village pool. But why not hit two birds with one stone and swim a few laps while you're at it?

Swimming is a great way to reduce stress and keep your heart rate up. It also activates all your muscles thus improving your cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. Most importantly, swimming is a survival skill, so if you haven't learned how to swim yet you might want to consider signing up for a class this summer.

5. Wall Climbing

Photo via Pixabay

In life, one should always aim for greater heights. So start stretching your muscles to reach higher ground with indoor climbing.

Climbing improves your physical and mental capabilities and motor coordination. You might be scared to take the first step, but as in life, you won’t reach the top if you don't try. Plus, indoor climbing increases your heart rate and energizes arm and leg muscles.

6. Yoga

Photo via Pixabay

When life stresses you out, breathe and do yoga. Find your Zen while strengthening your body with yoga.

It's great for stretching, and strengthening and toning muscles. Yoga is also the ultimate test of physical and mental strength. So if you're looking for a workout that does more than just shape up the body, this is it.

7. Dancing

Photo via Pexels

With Zumba, getting fit is more enjoyable.

This dance workout is great for burning calories and fat since you’re utilizing your whole body. Zumba, best done with a group, improves one's confidence, muscle strength, flexibility and coordination all at once. 

8. Lifting Weights

Lifting weights is good for muscle building and endurance, bone health, cardio and even weight loss. Just make sure to consult with a professional to help you find out how much weight you can carry and how to do it properly so as to prevent injury.

9. Video Gaming

Photo via Pixabay

Who says video games aren’t good for your health? Pop games like Just Dance in your console and you'll understand what we mean.

Video games today have truly become more physical and interactive thanks to innovations like Wii, PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect. Now who’s up for a gaming party?

10. Station Training

Photo via Watchfit

A customized workout plan is a good alternative when you live a busy lifestyle and need some physical activity to stay fit. Workout combinations can include squats, lunges and jumps, or just jogging depending on what you need.

Stay fit and feel great. Pair your workout plan with an awesome postpaid plan to help you keep track of your fitness journey, as well as the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 speaker, which offers true 360 sound and has Bluetooth connectivity that will definitely help keep your energy up. 

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