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10 Words That Don’t Mean The Same For Volleyball Players

So many food references

Words are funny because they mean different things to different people, even if they’re pronounced and spelled the same way. Sometimes the line is drawn via generation gaps and differences is gender, but sometimes the line is drawn by the court. In this case, it’s the volleyball court.


Not a delicious treat served with butter and syrup. Instead, that last ditch effort to save a ball from hitting the floor.

Deep Dish

Not a mouthwatering dish, but a move that (when played indoors) will get you a warning from the referee.


Not that iconic character from Hook. Instead, the chant that erupts after someone successfully blocks an opponent’s hit.

Six Pack

Not those abs we wish we had, but a hard-driven ball to right to the face.


Not a place to warm yourself, but that moment when defense just breaks down.

I thought you had it!

Chicken Wing

Not our favorite thing to dip in Buffalo sauce (or blue cheese), but that subpar attempt to hit the ball.


Not stew, but an obvious (and illegal) double contact during a set.


Not what Austin Powers means. Instead, it means picking up the ball/s after training or a drill.


Not a cut of steak or a prison knife, but that one pass that no one can save. What was that?


Not what you want to see in a hand of Black Jack, but a serve that results in a direct point.

Feeling like a player, yet?

Adie Pieraz

grew up with numbers but fell in love with words by the time she reached her teenage years. She likes to surround herself with mellow music, delicious food and funny fail videos.

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is a creative that loves to tell stories through art direction and curating images that capture, inspire and excite whoever sees them.

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