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5 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick During The Rainy Months - go!
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5 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick During The Rainy Months

It’s flu season!

If you’ve been noticing those around you getting the sniffles, blowing their noses or coughing, you aren’t alone. Or, you could be the one that’s been getting the sniffles, blowing your nose or coughing. Either way, it isn’t your fault because it’s the season for it. But this doesn’t mean you just wait for the sickness to take you, it means you need to put up a stronger guard against it.

Load up on vitamin C

There might be some debate on it, but practice proves that vitamin C helps prevent and cure colds. You should be taking supplements year-round, but be particularly strict about this time. Vitamin C helps reduce the severity of a cold’s symptoms, thereby making them tolerable. With a good helping of vitamin C, your antibodies will fight the cold faster—or keep them at bay.

Always have your rain gear prepared

Because it’s rainy season, there’s no way to avoid the slight drizzles and full-on showers. What you can do is prepare for them. Always have your umbrella with you, but it would be best to have a rain coat and waterproof shoes as well. The goal is to stay dry as much as you can.

Drink lots of water

Here’s another tip that you should practice year-round. Hydrating your body helps it deal with things such as colds and the flu. Of course, water also helps cleanse your body of germs and bacteria. You can take it up a notch by opting for some herbal tea, too. It has curative properties for coughs, colds and sore throat.

Take a bath

When you get home after the rain has poured, take a shower. Even if you just walked from your Grab to your gate, take a shower. Taking a bath stabilizes the cold temperature you reach from the rain and shifts thing back to your normal temperature. And it cleans you from all the toxic stuff that rain accumulates on its way down to you.

Say no to street food

We know that the freshly cooked fish balls, squid balls, kwek-kwek and kikiam are particularly tempting during the rainy season, but it’s time for a temporary farewell. Avoid anything that is cooked in the open air that likely comes into contact with airborne and waterborne diseases. And no, those large umbrellas do not always keep them out.

Stay healthy this rainy season by not taking any chances! Load up on and gear up with all the essentials. 

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