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Tone and Tighten: The Best of Arm Workout Videos on YouTube - go!
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Tone and Tighten: The Best of Arm Workout Videos on YouTube

Scroll through for workout circuits to try on your next arm day

If getting—and staying—in shape is on your mind this year, we’re giving you easy, achievable ways to do so. Whether it’s back day, ab day, glutes day, or a full-body shred, the key to approaching your fitness goals is consistency, where it’s best to make small but considerable strides so you can keep things up long-term.

Take arm day, for example. It would be a mistake to underestimate the seemingly simple workout moves. (Even here, sometimes the simpler, the better.) With the right set of exercise combinations, you can get the results you want, slowly but surely, such as improved upper-body strength, leaner arms and effective fat burning. 

Take your cues from the fitness instructors ahead, who have helped viewers on YouTube get tighter, toned arms through easy-to-follow circuits. (Men are free to modify by increasing the number of reps or going for heavier weights!) Scroll through and follow along.

Tone Your Arms Workout (No Equipment) With Holly Dolke

Here’s an intensive arm workout: This circuit is meant to be executed for six minutes straight. As Holly Dolke puts it: “Although this arm routine is short, it’s very effective, and tones your arms and shoulders. No equipment is needed, and you can put on your own music and just go for it.”

10-Minute Toned Arms Workout (At Home Minimal Equipment) With MadFit

A great roundup of foundational exercises, this 10-minute video by MadFit is easy to follow, can serve as a warmup to your total upper-body workout, or stand alone as your workout for the day. All you need for this is a pair of dumbbells.

The Lean Arms Workout Challenge to Lose Arm Fat (No Equipment) With Chloe Ting

Have fun while getting fit by taking on a fitness challenge like the one ahead by Chloe Ting. “This three-week lean arms challenge is great for building some upper body strength and, at the same time, help to tone your arms,” she shares on her channel. “Combine this exercise with other workouts in the program to help to burn fat.”

15-Minute Standing Arm Workout With fitbymik

Mikala of fitbymik has put together a 15-minute routine of all-standing arm workouts designed to sculpt and strengthen your upper body. “Each interval will be 45 seconds on and 15 seconds rest,” instructs Mikala. “This is an all-standing, wrist-friendly workout, with zero planks or pushups! So grab your weights and let's get ready to feel the burn!”

Get Toned Arms in Six Moves With Nikki Torres 

In Wonder’s Work (Out) From Home fitness series,  holistic wellness coach and founder of NT Sweat Nikki Torres demonstrates six workout moves for lean, toned arms.

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