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Everything You Missed Since the 2017 NBA Preseason Kickoff

The warm-up games have already begun: which teams—and players—are showing promise so far?


Last September 30, the 2017 NBA preseason kicked things off with a game between the Denver Nuggets and the Golden State Warriors. With a final score of 108-102 in favor of the Nuggets, it was a great start for players like Paul Millsap, who scored a total of 22 points and made 11 rebounds. Meanwhile, on Wednesday’s tally of annual surveys, Millsap was voted the most underrated player acquisition by the NBA general managers. This is just the kind of progression, turnout, twists and turns, ups and downs fans can expect from the NBA as early as now.


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It makes for great television, sure, but this is also the best time to keep your eyes peeled for the underdogs, rising stars and already hyped up players of the upcoming NBA season. Here, the highlights of the preseason thus far:


The Best Moments from the September 30 Games


The Top 5 Plays of October 1


First Look: Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward as Part of the Boston Celtics

Welcome to the new era: “Kyrie Irving acknowledges the Boston Celtics will need time to figure each other out,” reports Jay King for MassLive. “He believes they need training camp "more than others" because of all their new parts. And he is still fully on board with a shortened NBA preseason.”


"It's like you get so used to playing what, eight (preseason) games? And it's a month. I like (this year's schedule with four preseason games)," said Irving. "I like it. We get games starting earlier and we just get the season started. It's a limited amount of time, especially if you're in a new situation, but it's all a learning experience at the same time. So I enjoy getting to know all these guys. Unusual training camp but I can get used to it over the next few years."



via @celtics on Twitter


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Keep Your Eyes On: Lonzo Ball, Jarell Martin, De'Aaron Fox, Dwight Powell, and Jaylen Brown


The Best Plays from the October 3 Games 


 Malcolm Brogdon, Julius Randle, Kent Bazemore, Dante Exum and Bobby Portis Put on a Show on Day 5:


 The Top 5 Plays of the Evening: October 5

The Minnesota Timberwolves and the Golden State Warriors meet on the court; the Dallas Mavericks play against Orlando Magic as well. Games on this day also include: Miami vs. Brooklyn, Shanghai Sharks vs. Houston and Toronto vs. Portland.



 More in Store

The Boston Celtics face off with the Philadelphia Sixers while the Atlanta Hawks play against the Detroit Pistons. Below, you check out the games that follow afterwards:


via RealGM


As for the rest of the weekend, fans can look forward to: Miami Heat versus Orlando Magic, Golden State Warriors versus Minnesota Timberwolves, Melbourne United versus Oklahoma City Thunder and much more.

via RealGM



We’re staying tuned this till wraps on October 13 and so should you!

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