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Activities You Can Enjoy Under The Rain


Don’t let the weather get you down



With weather as erratic as ours, it’s hard not to let our plans slip away. You might have planned the perfect day with your family or friends, but they get washed out when the rain starts to pour. Next time it happens, don’t start sulking indoors. Embrace the rain—as literally as you can—instead.




Wet and Wild Relay Race

Time to decorate your park or backyard with some waterproof items that can be used in an obstacle course. Inflate that beach ball and kick it around a line of cones, get your hips moving with a hula-hoop and top it all off with a water balloon toss. You can split yourselves in teams or, if you’re really competitive, time yourselves individually instead.


Water Slide

If you’ve ever seen those videos of water slides and wanted to try it out but thought it was such a waste of water, now is your chance to join the hype. Keep things simple by laying out a plastic tarp for a water slide or make things more exciting by barreling down on floaties. You can even add a couple of drinks at the end and make it a different type of race.




Make a Music Video

Most memorable music moments from our childhood take place under the rain. Think the Backstreet Boys’ Quit Playing Games With My Heart and Christina Aguilera’s I Turn To You. Get under those gray clouds, put on some 90s outfits and make your own video!


Tackle Football

If you’ve always wanted to try tackle football but have been scared about getting hurt, the rainy season gives you a way out. The rain will make the ground softer compared to a dry summer day, so put on some old clothes and be prepared to get dirty.





You’re going to get wet anyway right? Might as well get in some exercise, too. Swimming in the rain is a fresh change from swimming under the summer sun. It’s a lot colder but it’s also somewhat calmer. Just make sure you’re in a pool because you should not get caught in the middle of the sea and rain.



The rain is no excuse to stay indoors! Just make sure you properly dry yourself off after and take precautions not to get sick


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