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6 Gym Equipment Alternatives You Already Have at Home - go!
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6 Gym Equipment Alternatives You Already Have at Home

Featuring common household items

Taking the right steps towards your fitness goals doesn’t mean you need to invest in expensive equipment, enroll in bank-breaking classes or pay for an overpriced gym membership. 

With the right amount of commitment and a little resourcefulness, you can work on your dream body even in the comforts of home. Get in there, shred and take note of these everyday household items that you can use in the place of gym workout essentials.

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Chairs for dips

Dips make a fantastic exercise that activates and tones your chest and triceps. Don’t have a dip stand in your workout room? No worries. You can use a chair or two as a home-ready alternative. Just make sure you apply pressure and weight in the right areas so that you can perform your reps safely. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown to help you do it:

Water jugs as kettlebells

The kettlebell is arguably the most diverse piece of gym equipment. You can integrate kettlebells into all sorts of exercises, and luckily, alternatives are just as readily available. If you are looking for a replacement, a jug full of water is a great substitute that can perfectly simulate the kettlebell. 

Here are 11 kettlebell exercises you can try out with your water jug!

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Bags of rice as weights 

Were you able to stock up on bags of rice at home? Great! This means you officially have another set of weights you can use. A heavy sack of rice can be centered on a barbell. You can also maximize smaller sacks as a replacement for workouts that use the dumbbell. Now you can do weighted squats and bicep curls at home after coming from the grocery.

Basketball or volleyball as medicine ball alternative

Are you looking to develop the mind-muscle connections of your body? Consider adding a medicine ball to your routine as this serves as a great way of developing coordination and balance. 

If you have a basketball or volleyball at home, you can use either one as a medicine ball replacement. You can also incorporate the ball into your Russian Twist circuits to engage your core and work your oblique.

Loaded backpack for bodyweight exercises

If you plan on doing home workouts such as lunges or push-ups, you can bring up the intensity of your routine by adding a loaded backpack in the mix. For advanced lifters that require a weighted vest or belt, a bag loaded with heavy items (keeping the weight of the items within reason, of course) can make you feel like you never left the gym.

Wall for strength and flexibility exercises

Almost every wall in your home can be used as an exercise tool to get you into the right posture and strengthen your legs and core. You can use it to perform elevated push-ups, handstands, stretches and even yoga inversions.

Are you up for a challenge? Check out this list of body sculpting wall exercises

Build Your Dream Body

If you plan on using these alternatives, always remember that safety comes first. Check workout videos online for proper form and ensure the replacements you use are stable to avoid accidents. Once you’ve taken the necessary precautions, you can now enjoy a smooth workout session even while you stay safe at home.

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