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Slimming Teas & How They Work


A quick fix or fad? 



Setting time out to hit the gym, eat healthier and stick to a diet can often times get draining, especially if it wasn’t always part of your lifestyle. And while slimming teas are definitely not a substitute for these things, the consumption of it will help you lose some of that excess weight.




It acts as a laxative

After drinking herbal teas, chances are your toilet-habits are going to change. Several formulas contain diuretics or laxatives (such as dandelion and aloe vera), which could increase urination and defecation. The tea helps in expediting the loss of waste from your body and this in turn helps you quickly lose some of that weight. Make sure to stay hydrated though, because laxatives can take its toll on your body’s water supply.


It boosts your metabolism

Slimming teas sometimes contain epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which boosts metabolism and could potentially help speed up weight loss. Much like caffeine, the EGCG in tea stimulates the central nervous system and releases fat into the bloodstream. This way, your body will use that fat as fuel.

It sheds excess fat

Polyphenols, which is a usual ingredient in slimming teas, help counter the threat of excess triglyceride by activating an enzyme in our bodies that dissolves that excess. This process helps us shed excess fat in our body.


It suppresses your appetite

Some slimming tea ingredients like caffeine, guarana and bitter orange help suppress your appetite. In theory, being inclined to eat less helps you lose weight, especially if you’re the type to get hungry often (and you snack on the less healthy things). Just make sure that you’re still eating the right amount of food because there is the chance of abusing this feature.

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As with all things, tread with caution

Slimming teas are not made equal and neither are our bodies. Read the label and consult with your doctor to make sure you’re going about everything the right way. And remember, the consumption of it should never be treated like a weight loss solution. Think of it like a complement instead.



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