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How To Train Like You’re In The Army

Strength and endurance building are key



As far as non-entertainment professions go, being in the military is arguably one of the most physically-demanding ones out there. Everyone in the military is expected to be in tip-top shape at any and all times during their stay. Their relay videos are practically out of this world and we can’t help but look up to them.



We may not be in the military, but we can definitely take cues from them.


Strength Training

Because the army is trained in groups, they generally stick to the outdoors and use little to no equipment when building up their strength. So the trick is to do bodyweight training exercises until you reach something that’s called muscle failure. What this means is to keep doing the exercises until your muscles are so exhausted that it physically cannot make another round.


Cardiovascular Training

Keeping up with the no-equipment routine, cardio is done by simply running at least two miles every training day. Sometimes, interval training is incorporated via sprints and changes in incline. The goal is two-fold: You’ll eventually need to cover more distance and you’ll need to cover it at a faster pace.



Switch things up

Army training sessions usually go for an hour every day for five days straight. The strength and cardio training are done alternately between these days, with cardio usually taking up the three days.



Don’t get ahead of yourself

Military routines are, to put it mildly, intense. So if you want to do their routines, dial it down a little, especially at the start. After your work up your strength and endurance, then you can increase the level of intensity.


Listen to your body and don’t push it past its limit.

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