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KFit: The Key To A Healthier & More Active You

Time to say goodbye to your excuses


Starting anything is difficult, especially when your body has gotten so used to your daily routine, which is exactly why there are so many excuses not to work out. From not knowing what to begin with, to not knowing where to start, there are as much questions as there are answers. But with the KFit app, these excuses will cease to exist and you’ll have no choice but to finally wear those workout clothes you bought months ago.



“I get bored if I keep doing the same thing”


KFit provides users with hundreds of activities to choose from. From yoga to dance, martial arts to strength conditioning, as well as various sports, there are so many workouts to choose from that it will take you weeks, if not months, to cover them all. And by that time you would already know what works well for you and what doesn’t. 



“There are no gyms in my area”


Part of the beauty of KFit is that it personalizes its suggestions, depending on area and on general preferences. If you work in Taguig, it will prioritize gyms and studios in Taguig, but if you work in Makati, the app will show you where to go in Makati. More importantly, the application gives you real-time updates, meaning you don’t have to call the place to check if there’s a slot left for you. It also provides the specific time of the class, so that spot is yours with a few simple clicks.



“It’s too expensive to work out at a gym or studio.”


This is arguably the most realistic and most used excuse. And sure, you could work out at home, but what if you just aren’t a productive person when you’re ten feet from your bed? We present you with KFit’s numerous deals. KFit offers as much as 75% off various classes and memberships and it also provides payment flexibility. And if you sign up for the KFit Fitness Pass, these deals get even more amazing.



 “KFit looks so complicated.”


It really is not. All you have to do is sign up with your email or Facebook account and you’re pretty much good to go. Pick a class for the day or for next week and KFit will do the rest of the logistics for you. You won’t need another app to tract down your activities because KFit has your back. So what are you still waiting for? 




Use the GlobeKFit promo code to get P450 off. Code is valid until June 17. 

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