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The Most Jaw-Dropping Celeb Body Transformations

If it were easy, we would all look that good

No matter what anyone says, living a fit and healthy lifestyle is no joke. It isn’t easy, it isn’t simple and it’s definitely not something that anyone can just pick up. And what these celebrity transformations teach us is that if you really want it, you have to work for it.

Judy Ann Santos

At the start of her career, Judy Ann Santos was an adorable new actress that was just trying to make it in the world of showbiz. Fast forward some years later, and she’s clearly shed her cute and chubby persona for one of power, health and happiness.

Beauty Gonzalez

When Beauty Gonzales first entered the Pinoy Big Brother house, it was clear why she was named so. Despite this, there was no denying that she was one of the heavier girls in the house. She has since taken a stricter direction in terms of her diet and exercise and the results definitely show.

Erwann Heussaff

It’s hard to believe, but Erwann Huessaff wasn’t always the buff, healthy-eating chef that we all know and love today. In his teenage years, he weighed over 200 pounds. A change in lifestyle took him a different route and he’s been sharing his tricks ever since. 

John Lloyd Cruz

John Lloyd Cruz was always a leading man, but he was never really grouped with the likes of Derek Ramsey and Sam Milby—not that this stopped us from loving him. Nevertheless, he shed that lovable shell some years ago and embraced a more chiseled physique. 

Raymond Gutierrez

For very good reason, Raymond Gutierrez is everywhere now. His transformation is nothing short of spectacular, as he lost some 65 pounds and gained some muscle that we’re all envious of. His secret? He refused to listen to his own excuses. 

Kelly Osbourne

Since 2009, singer and actress Kelly Osbourne has successfully kept the weight off. She once admitted that she spent a significant amount of her life being bullied and just wanted the criticism to finally end. We happen to think she’s always looked gorgeous, but we’re thrilled she’s happier with how she looks. 

Jennifer Hudson

Since her days on American Idol, Jennifer Hudson has been representing the curvy girls of the world. Now, even if she’s shrunk down dress sizes, she still wears her curves with pride. 

Christina Aguilera

When she was still a teenage popstar, Christina Aguilera had a skinny body. She ballooned sometime in 2012 and the public heavily scrutinized her for it. Cutting out junk food and alcohol helped her, and she’s made it a point to say that we should all take care of our bodies. 

Drew Carrey

For all the doubters, Drew Carrey is proof that sometimes you just have to do it for yourself. The comedian used to own his chubbiness, but one day decided it was no longer for him. “I was tired of being fat,” he simply said. 

Chris Pratt

From his humble and unfit beginnings in Parks and Recreation, Chris Pratt is now the star of physically challenging franchises. He went from the funny Andy Dwyer to the equally funny but also heroic Star Lord.

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