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NBA 2017-2018: What’s Happening In The Regular Season

Career firsts, winning streaks and the silent killers



We may still be months away from the NBA 2017-2018 Playoffs, but there’s enough excitement going on to keep us busy until then. Teams are starting to find their groove with their rookies, players are getting their heads into the game and there is so much to talk about.


LeBron James was ejected for the first time in his career

The career of LeBron James has undoubtedly been a strong and successful one, but during a recent game against the Miami Heat, he experienced something he never had before. After arguing a no-call late in the third quarter, King James was ejected for the first time in his career.


LeBron rushed to Kane Fitzgerald about a no-call on his drive to the basket, for which Fitzgerald immediately gave him a technical foul. LeBron was then ejected with 1:56 remaining in the quarter and the Cavs leading by 23.


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The Cleveland Cavaliers experience a 10-game winning streak

Despite the ejection, LeBron (and the rest of the Cavs) still have a lot to be happy about. Winning against the Atlanta Hawks marked Cleveland’s tenth straight win, which is nothing short of spectacular.


The Detroit Pistons’ silent kills

But while the Cavs have had the spotlight on them all season, there’s one team that’s been silently killing it in the Eastern Conference: The Detroit Pistons. Currently at 13-6, the Pistons are actually doing better than the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics.


This is coming as a bit of surprise as the team slumped last year with just 37 wins despite having more or less the same roster. That being said, the NBA world was arguably disappointed with the Pistons’ run last season. Could this year be their year of retribution?



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The future of Derrick Rose

It may be said that an athlete can only go through so many injuries in their career before having to reevaluate their future in sports. Unfortunately for the Cavs, Derrick Rose is learning this is very much true.


Now battling a leg injury he sustained, ESPN reported that the veteran guard is reportedly “evaluating his future in basketball.” At this point, no one is certain whether or not Rose will return to the team as he is reportedly getting tired of being hurt on the court. The physical and mental strain is undoubtedly taking its toll on 2011’s Most Valuable Player.


The Memphis Grizzlies fire David Fizdale

After benching center Marc Gasol in the fourth quarter of what became the Memphis Grizzlies’ eight straight loss, coach David Fizdale was fired by the franchise. The announcement was made by general manager Chris Wallace and associate head coach JB Bickerstaff has been named the interim head coach.


Fizdale released a statement thanking the team’s organization for giving him the opportunity to represent the city.



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Disappointing run by Oklahoma City Thunder

There are a handful of teams that we expected to soar this year and have been falling short thus far, one of them being the Oklahoma City Thunders. There’s a big question mark surrounding why the team is three games under .500 almost 20 games in. At this point in the season, Paul George, Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony should already have found their groove but the team is having a hard time getting there.


At almost two months into NBA 2017-2018, the excuse that it’s still early on in the season is really losing its credibility. 


NBA Power Ranking Week 7

With the number of games that are still in front of us, Power Ranking may not have that much bearing at this point. Nevertheless, it’s still good to look at the current state of the teams.


Currently, the Boston Celtics are at the top of the Power Rankings as they were handed only their third loss of the season by Miami Heat. In second are the Houston Rockets with 4 loses and 15 wins. Rounding up the top three are the Golden State Warriors with a current record of 15-5.




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