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NBA 2017 Playoff Highlights For The First-Round Series

The postseason opened with two MVP contenders going head to head

*Highlights as of April 21, 2017

James Harden vs. Russell Westbrook

NBA’s postseason had a sensational start with the Houston Rockets going against Oklahoma City Thunder. Fans anticipated the matchup between record-setting guards and MVP candidates James Harden and Russell Westbrook. But while each had an individually amazing regular season, the Thunders were outclassed and outrebounded by the Rockets, giving the latter a 2-0 series lead.

Wizards win over Hawks in Games 1 and 2

The Washington Wizards victory over the Atlanta Hawks was remarkable thanks to John Wall’s riveting performance and his on-court chemistry with power forward Markieff Morris. Most memorable was when Wall steered his team a 13-point third quarter lead while his connection with Morris culminated in an unforgettable alley-oop dunk all in Game 1.

Warriors stay at the top of their game

The Golden State Warriors hold the NBA’s best record even as Kevin Durant, Shaun Livingston and Matt Barnes sit out of Game 2 due to injury. Not to worry, top performers Steph Curry, JaVale McGee and Draymond Green held the fort and gave sterling performances, giving the Warriors a 2-0 lead over the Portland Trail Blazers. 

Spurs are still great at basketball but Grizzlies want to win

No surprise here, but the playoffs put the spotlight on San Anonio Spurs’ small forward Kawhi Leonard who was fearless during the game with the Memphis Grizzlies. And while Leonard and the rest of the Spurs crushed the Grizzlies in Game 2, Game 3 was one for the books as the Grizzlies marked their first postseason win and their first victory over the Spurs since the playoffs in April 2011.

The Cavaliers’ defense struggled but lead 3-0

For the first time, Cleveland Cavaliers got 25plus points in a game from each of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. And while they lead 3-0 over the Indiana Pacers, the Cavs defense still shows struggles, waiting until the fourth quarter to make a comeback. Game 3’s 119-114 was a close call.

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