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NBA 3X is the Off-season Format You’ve Been Missing

While everyone is waiting for the 2016-17 NBA Season to begin, here’s a guide to an alternative and exciting format to satisfy your B-ball needs


So what is NBA 3X? 

NBA 3X is an elite 3v3 basketball competition held all over the world to bring together both casual and hardcore basketball fans. Official NBA superstars headline such events, like Michael Carter-Williams for this year, as ambassadors promoting the b-ball lifestyle, while amateur teams of all levels compete head-on to be named their country’s 3X champions. NBA 3X Philippines 2016 just culminated with Team EGS Elite winning the Men’s Open Division for the fourth year in a row and the NU Lady Bulldogs Team A conquering the Womens Open Division.


What makes the NBA 3X so fun?

With NBA 3X, there’s more to enjoy than just the actual matches. The competition features lifestyle and entertainment elements like NBA celebrity appearances, special shows and showcases, and a convention-like atmosphere celebrating everything basketball. NBA 3X Philippines was held last August 19 to 21 at the SM MoA Music Hall, and featured dancing and performances by the Minnesota Timberwolves Dancers and L.A. Clippers mascot Chuck the Condor. There were also local celebrity matches, DJ performances and various activity booths to round out the family-friendly experience.


What about the BASKETBALL though?

NBA 3X might not be a tournament of superstars, but matches can get every bit as intense as any Warriors vs Cavaliers game. Participant teams of four (one substitute) can enter any one of six divisions, from Boys Under-13, Under 16, Under-18, Girls Under-16, the Men's Open and the Women's Open. The games use FIBA 3X3 rules meaning, most notably, games are only 10 minutes long or until one team scores 21 points. That the players are amateurs of all skill-levels and backgrounds give the rapid, tight games higher stakes because it’s truly anyone’s game. With NBA 3X, every average joe has a chance to have a Kobe moment and audience members find themselves becoming rabid fans of players they’d never heard of.


Okay, I’m sold. How do I get in on this?


You just missed this year’s NBA 3X but that just means you have a whole year to prepare for the next one. If you’re a basketball fan, you’re probably already following the NBA Philippines Facebook, where the next event will be announced. If you’re planning on competing with your buds, better start training now so you can bring your A-game when the time comes. Otherwise, NBA 3X is a fun and entertaining counterpoint to the official NBA Season and will satisfy any b-ball devotee.

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