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NBA Catch-Up: The All-Star Weekend & Getting Back Into The Regular Season

It’s time for a second wind 

Each NBA team only has 21 more games until the Playoffs begin, which means everyone is in it for the kill now and we have some exciting games ahead of us. But before we get to that stage in the season, there are some things that deserve a quick recap.

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The NBA All-Star Weekend

Slam dunk competition 

Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell took home the title of NBA All-Star Season 2017-2018 Slam Dunk Champion, beating out Larry Nance Jr. of the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the final round, Mitchell scored 98 with his 360-degree windmill Vince Carter-inspired dunk.

Three-point shoot out

Devin Booker saved what could have otherwise been a relatively subdued three-point competition. Scoring 19 points out of a possible 34, tying him up with Klay Thompson. But it was in the second round when the 21-year-old star found his momentum and scored a commendable 28 points.

Team LeBron vs. Team Curry

Everyone knew that Team LeBron vs. Team Curry would be epic on the court and neither of the All-Star team captains disappointed. In the end though, Team LeBron sealed the game with a defensive stop against DeMar DeRozan, ending the game with a final score of 148-145.

Team World vs. Team USA

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The first- and second-year players in the NBA were split up this year between born and raised Americans and foreign players, a format that started in 2015. This season, Team World reigned supreme and rookie Bogdan Bogdanovic from Serbia was awarded Most Valuable Player with a total of 26 points.

What’s happening in the regular season

It’s the second half of the season and teams and individual players are bringing their A games for this last sprint. And while there is still a way to go, some things can already be predicted.

Race for the MVP

The race for this NBA Season’s most valuable players seems to be between Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden, LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Each of these athletes have been raking up the numbers on points scored, assists and rebounds and have proven themselves to be vital members of their respective teams.

Top seed for the Eastern Conference 

The top two seeds in the Eastern Conference currently belong to the Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors. At this point, it’s a little difficult to imagine either team being knocked down to third place, simply because their games have been so consistent throughout the season. That said, there’s definitely some wiggle room left and we might be surprised by the surging Cleveland Cavaliers.

Top seed for the Western Conference

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Meanwhile, the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets are currently the top teams in the Western Conference. Both of these teams have been killing it offensively, but the Warriors are arguably a more balanced team, thanks to the defensive plays of Draymond Green and Kevin Durant. Nevertheless, it’s Houston that’s holding down their place as first seed largely in part to James Harden’s MVP form.

Time to sit down, ladies and gents. NBA Season 2017-2018 is only going to get better. 

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Art Alex Lara

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