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Binge-Watch These Netflix Documentaries For Fitness Inspiration - go!
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Binge-Watch These Netflix Documentaries for Fitness Inspiration

Stream then get sweating

Looking to pursue a healthier lifestyle? Sometimes, what can help put that spring in your step is a small dose of inspiration. In the name of fitness—and if you’re the type that loves to binge-watch series and movies on Netflix—we have just the titles for your consideration.

It may not be the first genre to come to mind, but the world’s most popular streaming platform has a ton of documentaries that ought to serve as fitness inspo. All entertaining, enlightening and, of course, informative; these films ought to motivate you to get into shape. Scroll through and get streaming!

Calum Von Moger: Unbroken (2019)

Calum Von Moger is one of the most popular bodybuilders in the world. As a two-time winner of the Universe Championships, many dubbed him as the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. Unfortunately, his ascent to stardom was put to a halt after suffering a gruesome bicep and knee injury.

After losing muscle and being unable to follow his old routine, it could have been easier for Calum to throw in the towel. Instead, he decided to restart at square one—and work his way back to the top. The documentary covers the ups and downs of his journey and how he was able to yet again prove himself. 

Cheer (2020)

Cheer is a six-part docuseries that features the Navarro College Cheer Team from Corsicana, Texas. It showcases the entire team’s rigorous stages of preparation for the annual National Cheerleaders Association’s College National Championships and dives deep into the experiences of its members. 

With a talent-filled squad, the harsh truth about limited opportunities and a coach who demands nothing but excellence, expect nothing but excitement and tear-jerking moments along the way.

It’s a series filled with ups and downs and shows viewers that every single person in a team has a unique story to share. If you used to be part of a sports team in your high school or college years, you’ll definitely miss your teammates after watching Cheer.

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The Game Changers (2018)

It is no secret that following a proper diet can be complicated and challenging for most. For vegans and vegetarians, it may be even more challenging to find the right sources and literature to guide them in eating the right way. Thankfully, The Game Changers documentary is here to transform the way anyone watching approaches training and nutrition.

The hour-and-a-half-long documentary covers the success stories of professional athletes who transitioned to plant-based diets. While it may have sparked heated arguments and controversy among professionals in the fitness and nutrition industry, the film ultimately emphasizes the value of eating right to achieve peak performance (something viewers should keep in mind, too).

Vegan or not, the insights you can gain from this film will surely take your fitness to the next level. 

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The Redeemed and the Dominant – Fittest on Earth (2018)

Ever considered trying CrossFit? Then, this film is for you. The Redeemed and the Dominant – Fittest on Earth documents the 2017 CrossFit Games. Witness how participants prepare for and face their competition through four days of intense physical and emotional challenges.

To win the title of “Fittest Man” or “Fittest Woman” on Earth, participating athletes commit themselves to rigorous programs and force themselves to push beyond their limits. If you want to know what your body is capable of or wish to see what genuine dedication looks like, then this film is a must-watch. 

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These four fitness documentaries will no doubt motivate you to get moving and get sweating. But of course, there’s more where that came from. Help yourself to more inspiring stories and informative films when you subscribe to Netflix

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