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7 YouTube Workout Videos for Getting Lean, Long-Looking Legs - go!
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7 YouTube Workout Videos to Follow for Getting Lean, Long-Looking Legs

Featuring some circuits that make use of easy-to-follow moves from ballet and Pilates

Summer may be over, but realistic fitness goals should live on. In the name of health and wellness, staying in shape is one true practice of self-care—and that’s true whether you want to invest in home gym equipment, make do without or pair the healthy habit with healthier eating habits.

With YouTube workouts covering arm, back toning and cardio out of the way, we move on to the next: It’s time for leg day. Without bulking up, how can you tone your legs and get lean muscle? The roundup of YouTube videos ahead show just how.

How to Get Lean Legs Like Kendall Jenner: Leg Slimming Workout With Sanne Vander 

Here, enjoy a series of floor exercises that require no equipment and very little space to execute. Don’t be fooled by these seemingly simple moves, though. Get ready to feel the serious burn as you tone and lengthen your legs.

10-Minute Thigh Workout to Get Lean Legs in 30 Days With Chloe Ting 

A segment in her slim legs and thigh challenge program, Chloe Ting’s episode dedicated to legs is a speedy 10-minute thigh workout that she swears will “help you get closer to getting slim legs without those bulky thighs.”

Slim Legs in 20 Days: 10-Minute, No-Jumping, Quiet Home Workout With Emi Wong 

Relying purely on bodyweight to get this workout in, Emi Wong shows viewers how they can make the most of a small space and a workout mat. One of the best parts? There are no strenuous movements here—but you get the results you want just the same.

15-Minute Model Legs Pilates Workout With Eylem Abaci 

Fitness content creator Eylem Abaci has kicked off an Pilates workout series that, of course, dedicates an entire episode to getting model legs. “This Pilates inspired leg workout targets your inner and outer thighs, calves and booty,” she shares in the description. “Don’t worry, it won't grow your thighs—just tone and tighten them so that they look as fabulous as model legs. Have fun!”

10-Minute Slim Legs Pilates Workout and Inner Thigh Burn for Lean Legs Mish Choi 

Misha Choi, known for her K-Pop-themed workouts, has also included Pilates-inspired workouts in her lineup. Ahead, the 10-mininute slim legs Pilates workout she recommends viewers do three to four times a week to truly feel the burn.

Long & Lean Legs Workout (Toned Ballet Legs/No Equipment) With MadFit 

Fitness expert MadFit is here for your total leg transformation. Get longer-looking gams when you regularly follow along with her 20-minute, at-home workout. This one targets the inner and outer thighs, calves, quads and glutes. Get long and lean dancer legs with no equipment needed!

Ballet Beautiful: Lean Legs & Buns Workout With Mary Helen Bowers

Workout studio Ballet Beautiful has taken to YouTube to share some of its tried and tested workouts. In the video below, just an example of one that’s “beloved by millions of fans around the globe” for targeting and transforming the legs and glutes. What to expect? “This 15-minute, mat-based set will leave your legs and buns burning and get your booty lifted while tightening and toning the core.”

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