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YouTube Workout Videos to Follow Along With This Summer - go!
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5 YouTube Workout Videos to Follow Along With This Summer

It’s time for a sweat sesh!

Even with mass vaccination in some areas, we’re in no way nearing non-quarantine status. We’ll surely be working from home for months, even until the end of the year. This may be our unfortunate reality, but this also means having all the time to pursue passion projects, learn new skills and even follow through to resolutions at the beginning of the year.

“Work out consistently,” “drop weight” or even “live healthy” on your list? Why not start with workouts you can do at the safety of your own home? Or maybe in a funk and looking for new workouts to try for the weeks and months ahead? 

Whether you’re highlighting equipment-free exercises, yoga, plank variations or your very own DIY at-home workouts, here’s a list of easy-to-follow YouTube videos to try out!

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MadFit’s Dance Party Workout

Maddie Lymburner is a favorite among many fitness enthusiasts, with her easy-to-follow workouts that range from equipment-free workouts to dance parties and apartment-friendly workouts. There’s something for everyone! If you want to revisit life before corona and feel the need to dance it out, try her various pop dance parties. You’ll sweat it out completely without feeling like you just had an exercise session!

MadFit’s Apartment-Friendly Workout

If you live in a condo or apartment and don’t want to disturb your neighbors or even have little ones you don’t want to wake up during your me time, Maddie’s apartment-friendly workouts are a godsend. This low impact workout with minimal jumping focuses on flexibility, stability, balance and strength. It’s good for beginners and those who want a reprieve from their high-intensity workouts. 

MadFit’s Full Body Stretch/Yoga for Stress & Anxiety Relief

If you look to exercise as a form of relief to soothe stress and anxiety, especially after a long day of Zoom meetings and virtual classes, try this 20-minute beginner-friendly yoga workout.

Destress with this calming yoga routine, which includes light and easy full body stretches for both the body and the mind. 

MadFit’s Low Impact, No Equipment Workout

If you want to take a break from heavy lifting and need an equipment-free workout, try this short lower body, low impact workout with no squats and no lunges. It’s great as a booty workout, too, if you have knee pain or discomfort. Feel free to add a booty band in some exercises to increase the intensity!

MadFit’s Full Body Fat Burn HIIT Workout

If you’re up for the challenge, this 30-minute full body fat-burning High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout will get your blood pumping. Go all out for this sweat sesh with light dumbbells or even household items, which burns fats for when you feel a bit bloated or just feeling extra pumped. This includes a warm up and cool down, too! 

Trust the process, even if you aren’t seeing any instant progress. You’ll see your mood and overall well-being improve in time! Just get started, we’re rooting for you!

Author Elisa Aquino

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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