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6 Pokémon GO In-app Items Worth Your Precious PokéCoins

You don’t have to parade around in order to catch ’em all. 


So this game called Pokémon GO is sweeping the nation by storm. If you’re part of the resistance, bless you. You’re free to choose any app game you like #respect. But if you’re interested to understand what the fuss is all about, has a convincing theory


Now if you have downloaded this free-for-all app and are willing to walk or have walked 10km in order to hatch the very rare Mew and Mewtwo (how did you do it??) you just caught, you must be wondering how you can catch ’em all. Here's how: a lot of patience, walking, strategizing, walking and, the best part, purchasing in-app items so you catch a Pokémon while your butt’s parked on the couch. 


Do I really have to buy in-app items in order to level up in Pokémon GO?

No, silly. As you play, you can get all the items you need in the game for free just by walking past as many PokéStops as you can. But if you want to enhance your gaming experience and easily get power ups, extra items and other enhancements—or you’re just really competitive—you can buy special items with PokéCoins, the game’s currency that you can buy with real money. You can use your credit card or better yet, choose the direct carrier billing (DCB) payment option on your mobile service account to start shopping. The amount will be deducted from your prepaid balance or charged to your postpaid bill. 


How much do I have to shell out for those shiny PokéCoins?

100 PokéCoins = P47.00
550 PokéCoins = P235.00
1,200 PokéCoins = P469.00
2,500 PokéCoins = P935.00
5,200 PokéCoins = P1,900.00
14,500 PokéCoins = P4,700.00 


Now let’s get started. What are the Pokémon GO in-app items worth my precious PokéCoins? 


Go to the Shop in the app and prepare to spend like John Mayer:


Bag Upgrade 


Worth: 200 PokéCoins 


Need it for: Increasing your item storage space by 50 so you can put in more Poké Balls, potions and other stuff. You can get Storage Upgrade for the same amount but hardcore fans recommend spending on a Bag Upgrade so you can transfer more Pokémon at once.


Poké Balls 


100 PokéCoins = 20
460 PokéCoins = 100
800 PokéCoins = 200 


Need it for: Oh, just catching those Pokémon. If your aim is bad and you miss a lot, you’ll eventually run out of Poké Balls, which is bad news for you. 


Lure Module 


100 PokéCoins = 1
680 PokéCoins = 8 


Need it for: Attracting Pokémon for 30 minutes at a PokéStop. It’s gonna be a party so make sure you have enough balls and bag space! 


Egg Incubator 

Worth: 150 PokéCoins


Need it for: Hatching those fragile Pokémon Eggs while they’re inside your bag. Save your coins because some incubators will break after you’ve used them for a number of times. 



80 PokéCoins = 1
500 PokéCoins = 8
1,250 PokéCoins = 25 


Need it for: Luring in rare and wild Pokémon near your vicinity. If there are other players around, don’t worry, the Pokémon will only go near you because you’ve attracted them by using an incense. Make your aim count, they only stick around for a quick peek-achu.


Lucky Egg


80 PokéCoins = 1
500 PokéCoins = 8
1250 PokéCoins = 25


Need it for: Earning twice the experience points (XP) while you evolve a bag of Pokémon, visit a PokéStop, or complete other in-game events. Choose your situations wisely because the Lucky Egg effect only lasts 30 minutes. 


Now, how do I take over a gym?

You have to become a Level 5 Trainer by catching more Pokémon. How? WALK.

Vibe check! How does this make you feel?


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