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Feel like a WiFi Hunter in Your Own Home? Here's the Solution - go!

Feel like a WiFi Hunter in Your Own Home? Here’s the Perfect Solution

It’s Airties WiFi Mesh to the rescue

Across households in the country, the most common WiFi woe remains to be limited coverage. Around the world, meanwhile, over 25 million homes have already made the significant switch to relieve them of this home WiFi hassle. It might be time you and your family got in on it, too.

The ingenious device is called Airties WiFi Mesh, a system that guarantees a whole-home WiFi zone and a superior overall WiFi experience. “Notably, the average home now has more than 7 Wi-Fi connected devices and the average daily connection time per Wi-Fi device is 10 hours,” the brand shared. “This makes WiFi one of the most used services in the home, alongside utilities such as water and electricity. Not surprisingly; however, in homes without WiFi mesh extenders, only 50% of have consistent, high-quality WiFi coverage throughout the home and 25% have noticeably poor coverage.”

It’s the instant solution to those pesky dead zones and slow internet speed. It’s a wonderful alternative to complicated WiFi systems that require an even more complicated setup, too. The best part? Airties WiFi Mesh is now available in the Philippines and it’s yours in a couple of very easy steps. But before you run out and get one, here are fast facts you need to know about this WiFi system:

Using this device means you get WiFi in every corner of your house.

Say goodbye to limited activity caused by limited WiFi coverage: Airties WiFi mesh is the wireless booster perfect for big families in moderate to large houses with multiple floors.

It’s WiFi for all things and at all times.

Smartphones, laptops, tablets and other WiFi-ready devices can get connected all at once so everyone in the family can stream music and movies, play video games, surf the internet, scroll through social media and much more.

It’s a great, affordable alternative to WiFi extenders.

You can bundle the Airties WiFi Mesh with Globe At Home Plan 1299 at a monthly cash-out of only P150 for 24 months.

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It comes with a no-fuss setup.

The Airties WiFi Mesh is a plug and play type of home upgrade. You’re good to go in three easy steps:

1. Connect your Airties Node to your modem with the Ethernet cable

2. Plug it to a power socket

3. Turn your Airties Node on

You also get full control over your WiFi connection and extend your range at the touch of a button and manage everything through the Airties app (available on the App Store and Google Play).

Purchase Airties WiFi Mesh for your home and bundle it with Globe At Home Plan 1299 at a monthly cash-out of only P150 for 24 months. Add this item to your existing Globe At Home plan, click here. Not yet a Globe At Home subscriber? Sign up for Broadband Plan 1299 Go Big with AirTies WiFi Mesh and enjoy 300GB internet data, gain access to premium entertainment on Netflix, DisneyLife and FOX+ and, of course, extend your broadband experience with Airties WiFi Mesh.

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