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Tech Thursday: Android TV Mi Box - go!

Tech Thursday: Android TV Mi Box

The set-top box that’s not just for Android fans 

The Basics

Once upon a time, television was just for watching local shows and channel surfing on cable TV. Today our TVs, once paired with the right set-top box, can do so much more. And in the land of set-top boxes, the Android TV Mi Box is one of the few that stand out for its ease of use and competitive pricing. We took it for a test run and here’s what we found out.

The Mi Box, powered by Android TV, is a 4K Ultra HD streaming device and gaming box. Running on Android TV 6.0, this device is easy to use and gives you access to a world of diverse content and entertainment that can even be tailor fit for you. It also features voice control, supports Google Cast as well as Google-compatible apps, and allows you to easily switch to different tasks, from watching TV to playing games to listening to the radio.It’s a set-top box with serious game and literally at that, too. The Android TV comes with exclusive games that you can play with family and friends to keep you entertained. What’s more? Read on.


The Mi Box comes with a power cord, HDMI cable and a Bluetooth remote that has voice control.


Real Talk

The Mi Box’s sleek and minimalist design in matte black is pretty impressive, and apparently, award-winning, too. Measuring 4x4 inches and about a quarter-inch thick, it’s also lightweight and portable.


Meanwhile, setting up the device is a breeze. Simply connect the Mi Box to the TV, connect to WiFi and sign in to your Google account to start exploring. Though you can also access built-in apps without signing in.



As you start browsing, you’ll immediately notice the Android TV’s video quality. It delivers 4K/HDR streaming that allows super smooth streaming as well as lets you watch your favorite shows in greater detail. Plus points for accurate voice recognition; you can search for movies or music videos by saying the name of the actor or the character he/she played, or the name of the artist. You can also ask basic factual questions, like ‘what’s the weather like today,’ or ‘why is the sky blue.’


On the Android TV, apps load quickly and, as mentioned earlier, games run smoothly. You can choose to play games using the remote control or an external game controller (sold separately) to enhance the gaming experience.



The Verdict

With the Android TV Mi Box, you get an affordable 4K HDR streaming device that’s almost effortless to use. Our only point of improvement would be that the Mi Box be open to more apps other than or not supported by Google. But other than that, for the features alone, you get value for your money. Win-win!

Shot on location at Globe Live Chroma Studio

Special thanks to Mark Aspiras assisted by JP Sawal

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