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ICYMI, Here Are 8 Things You Can Do With Apple iOS 16 - go!

ICYMI, Here Are 8 Things You Can Do With Apple iOS 16

Learn more about all the new features and why it’s worth making the upgrade

Tech enthusiasts and loyal followers have been buzzing about Apple’s latest releases. Now that the company has introduced the iPhone 14, the buzz isn’t dying down anytime soon. During the wait for the latest flagship smartphone, Apple users can expect major game changes to their entire digital experience as early as now. Enter Apple’s newest operating system: iOS 16. 

The upcoming smartphone line will for sure carry Apple’s trademark innovative designs, but if you’re wondering if this is all worth the upgrade (and saying goodbye to iOS 15), here’s a rundown of all the cool features you can expect with the new iOS.

8 Cool Features Included in iOS 16

Whether you opt for an iPhone 13 with GPlan or decide to move on to the latest model, Apple products, as they stand, are built to optimize your entire user experience. Here are some of the most notable features you can enjoy with the new iOS. 

Customizable lock screen

Apple’s upgraded operating system now allows you to do more with your lock screen alone. With several new personalization features, you can showcase your photos, choose and display new widgets, and even switch up font styles. There’s also an added option that allows you to create different lock screens, complete with a customizable setup.

iPhone screens show iOS 16’s customizable lock screen and menu with wallpaper choices of photos, people, dynamic Photo Shuffle, emoji, color, and themes.

Photo: Apple

Additional Focus filters

With Apple’s new Focus setup, you can choose to filter out distracting content from your phone whenever you need to and want to.

During Focus mode, you can decide the alerts you get to receive from apps or contacts you mark as important. Additionally, you can set up widgets on your home screen to neatly pin reminders and meeting alerts, display upcoming events, emails, and to-do lists so you can filter through the digital noise and cut straight to what’s important.

iPhone screens iOS 16’s Link Focus menu which allows you to set what Lock Screen and apps to display when a Focus mode is active.

Photo: Apple

Improved security response

Major security improvements have been incorporated into iOS 16. A rapid security response included here guarantees constant protection against all security threats. 

You can also restrict other people’s access to your phone and manage your sharing settings easily with the Safety Check feature. According to Apple, Safety Check allows people in domestic or intimate partner violence situations to review and reset the access they initially granted to other apps and users. This works by resetting system privacy permissions and restricting Messages and FaceTime sessions only to the device on hand.

 iPhone screens show the iOS 16 Safety Check menu with Managing Sharing and Access as well as Emergency Reset options.

Photo: MacRumors

Enhanced messaging features

Everyday messaging is made even better with the new iOS, which lets you edit any text you’ve sent along with the ability to unsend your recent messages.

As a bonus feature, the Messaging app can keep you on track and connected, as well, with your contacts through SharePlay. Here, you can send and share notes, reminders, and other files to start collaborating instantly. 

Blue iMessage text bubbles showing the iOS edit message feature.

Photo: Apple

Easier sign-in options with passkeys

The Passkey feature brings a new level of security to your device without making the sign-in process overly complicated. These digital keys ensure that you’re safe from phishing schemes and data leaks, thus making this layer of security even stronger than the two-factor authentication process. The best part is that this also works on non-Apple devices.

Four iPhone screens show the iOS 16 Passkey feature with options to sign in through a passkey from a device with a camera or an external security key.

Photo: MacRumors

Smart sharing with Photos 

With iOS 16, sharing memories with your loved ones has become easier, too. Users can now create or join a shared photo library, which, once set up, permits multiple users to upload photos automatically straight from their Camera Roll.

Everyone can also actively make changes to their album in order to make their collaborations more efficient and seamless. This includes editing photos, adding captions, and using keyword sync.

Two iPhone screens show iOS 16’s new Shared Photo Library feature.

Photo: Apple

More places to explore with Maps 

Apple’s new multistop feature can help you plot out the most optimal routes in advance so you can spend less time stuck in traffic or figuring out directions.

Maps also syncs on all your devices, so you can set your schedule for the day on your Mac and see them directly on your iPhone when you’re up and ready.

The iOS 16 Apple Maps includes a multi-stop routing feature that allows users to plan several stops for a trip.

Photo: Apple

Upgraded software intelligence 

Researching a subject in different media forms is now possible with the upgraded intelligence featured in iOS 16. Easily isolate elements in a photo by removing its background and copying or sharing it with another app with just a few taps.

You can also call phone numbers, visit websites, translate languages, and convert currencies with different quick actions with Live Text. 

Two iPhone screens show iOS 16’s new Live Text feature for translating text

Photo: Apple

A Step Forward: The Efficiency of iOS 16

Just like the tech giant's former releases, the iOS 16 is a move in the direction of prioritizing functionality over everything else, giving users more efficient features for their everyday needs. To boot, not only is it faster, but it also gives you more opportunities to customize your phone.

If you’re looking for an upgrade or a postpaid phone with incredible features, take a look at Globe’s extensive selection today.

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