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Globe Tech Squad: Your At Home WiFi Fix - go!

At Home WiFi Fix Without The Personal Trouble? Yes, Please

The Globe Tech Squad is here to the rescue


The internet was and still is one of the biggest innovations the tech world has ever made. But while we reap the benefits of streaming, easy to access information and mundane-yet-entertaining videos, we can’t ignore the existence of WiFi woes as well. Buffering, dead spots and complicated installations can sometimes ruin the entire experience for us.


Sure, the internet ironically offers various fixes for these things, but it’s sometimes difficult to adapt them at home – especially when you don’t have a talent for set-ups and can’t really spare the time to understand them. But there is a quick, easy and hassle-free solution.





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Globe At Home introduces the Globe Tech Squad to ensure that you’re making the most out of your WiFi connection. This special tech customer service team will provide end-to-end support for WiFi connectivity and home-related needs.


So who you gonna call when you have problems with your home connection? The Globe Tech Squad.



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The Globe Tech Squad can diagnose your home in order to determine signal interferences. Knowing this, they can improve your WiFi signal by recommending the best possible router placement, which should increase WiFi signal strength and overall coverage. The group can also resolve further needs with the use of WiFi mesh extenders and configuration. They can also connect all existing devices in the home, such as television sets, laptops, security cameras, printers and speakers to your WiFi, as well as assist in the installation of add-ons like the Globe Streamwatch device or the activation of HOOQ, Disney and Netflix accounts.


The very last step? Ensuring customer satisfaction and consistent great speeds in every part of your home.


With the Globe Tech Squad, you get the most out of your Globe At Home connection for only P1,200*. So pick up the phone, call (02) 730-1000, book an appointment and get that much closer to the WiFi strength you deserve.


*Additional charge for device purchase will apply



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