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Tech Thursday: Bang & Olufsen Beoplay S3

Because great sound can look this great, too




The Basics

The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay S3 is a well-designed flexible home speaker that will fill your space with great sound. With 240 watts of power, this wireless bluetooth speaker can be played on its own or paired with four other S3s in case you want a surround sound feel. Surprisingly though, even on its own the compact and stylish speaker can fill a whole room with sound even at half volume. Designed by Jakob Wagner, the Beoplay S3 is available in sleek black and white.


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The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay S3 comes with power cables and is housed in an equally sleek box.

Real Talk

This dodecahedron speaker wins in the aesthetics department, however, the materials used to put it together (plastic and nylon fabric) could have been better. But if you're not particular with what makes up your gadget, then this shouldn't be an issue. As for controls, the Beoplay S3 is pretty straightforward, having only three buttons—the on/off button and volume controls. The same on/off button is also used to pair it with other devices via Bluetooth. It's also important to note that the S3 isn't a portable speaker and that it stays switched on as long it's plugged in a power outlet. Meanwhile, behind the speaker you'll find a few connection inputs: two 3.5mm analog audio in and out connections for daisy chaining and connecting multiple S3 speakers together, as well as a micro-USB input for using audio digitally.


Now let's talk about its Bluetooth performance; honestly, it could be better as the few seconds lag causes the audio to go out of sync. It's hardly noticeable when you're playing music, but if you're playing video and using the Beoplay S3 as your speaker, that's when you'll feel the lag. 



The Verdict

If it's simply audio performance your looking for, then the Bang & Olufsen undoubtedly delivers—and at Hi Fi quality at that. It's mind-blowing because the compact mono speaker can deliver that much sound just by itself and regardless of its size. What's more, its silky smooth sound doesn't change whether you turn up or turn down the volume, meaning the bass stays rich and thick all throughout. That in itself makes it worth its hefty price tag (P18,700) as well as forget about its minor misses. And come on, you can't really go wrong with a Bang & Olufsen.




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