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Some of the Best iOS 11 Hidden Features You Need to Know About

The upgrade includes some pretty amazing new functions

Earlier this week, Apple made its latest iOS available for download to the public. Featuring fixed bugs and several improvements, iOS 11.0.1 “sets a new standard for the world’s most advanced mobile operating system.”

Apple promises that with their Core ML, your apps will now able to become more intelligent. It seems users of the Apple products seem to agree so far. Furthermore, with iOS 11, “you can create incredible augmented reality experiences with ARKit. And you can deliver a more unified and immersive user experience with new multitasking features, including drag and drop for iPad, the new Files app, new camera APIs, new SiriKit domains, Apple Music integration, and more.”

A little tinkering with your new iOS and you’ll notice these differences right off the bat: the customizable control center you can access when you swipe up…

Along with the phone update comes an enhanced, more visually stimulating App Store. Developers say the entire program was redesigned “from the ground up.” It also separates games from the general app categories (finally!).

via Apple Developer

The new screenshot feature includes a small thumbnail previewing your screenshot (appears on the lower left-hand side) and allows you to crop or edit your image next or save them for editing later. To share your screenshot instantly, press down on the thumbnail, wait for the share sheet to appear and select your mode of sharing.









Now it’s time to get to know the added features that weren’t initially widely publicized, but should be on everyone’s radar. These are the must-know iOS 11 hidden features that may prove to be essential one day:


Instantly share your WiFi password.

via CNET


You no longer have to memorize your complicated WiFi passwords in order for you to manually relay them to friends who want to connect. Use the WiFi sharing feature in three easy steps:


  1. Connect to the WiFi network you wish to share.
  2. Have your friend or whoever is looking to use your WiFi sit in close proximity and ask them to join your network. Make sure this person is in your contacts list.
  3. On your phone, click “Share Password.”


Move multiple app icons at once.


  1. Select one of the apps you’d like to transfer, press down and hold in order to render all the other apps movable (the apps should start to jiggle and the “x” symbol should appear on the upper right-hand side of each app.)
  2. Keep pressing down on the initial app you selected and hover it above the other apps you’d like to move.
  3. Transfer the group of apps to the home screen page or folder of your choice.


Siri’s rework now includes a translation capability.


Apple is starting this feature off with five featured foreign languages and hopes to expand the language selection over time. Using “Hey Siri” or “Type to Siri,” input the text or phrase you wish to translate and Siri will generate the direct translation for you.


A document scanner is now built into the iPhone, so you can do away with a third-party application.

via BGR


  1. Open your Notes app.
  2. Choose between opening an existing note or creating one.
  3. Click on the “+” symbol and select the “Scan Documents” option.


iOS 11 comes with an all-new Emergency SOS function.


This feature allows users to call emergency services without calling attention to themselves. In an emergency, users can click the "Sleep/Wake Button" five times to activate the function.


  1. Go to your iPhone Settings.
  2. Scroll down and select “Emergency SOS.”
  3. Add emergency contact numbers to your list. These contacts will be notified once you call Emergency Services.


Save entire webpages as PDF files.

  1. Open the webpage you’d like to convert using Safari.
  2. Click on the “Share” button.
  3.  Select the “Create PDF” option.
  4. You can export the PDF via Messages, Mail, Telegram and more. You can also click “Save File to” and pick between “iCloud Drive” or “On My iPhone.”


Record your screen activity.

via CNET


  1. To add the Screen Recording function to your Control Center, go to “Settings” and then “Control Center,” click “Customize” and add “Screen Recording.”
  2. To use the function, go to your Control Center and click on the “Screen Recording” icon. This will count you down to the start of your recording time.
  3.  You can stop the screen recording anytime by clicking on the red status bar and clicking “Stop.”
  4.  Your saved video clip should appear in your Photos folder.


Get the most out of iOS 11 with these cool new features. Try them out for size!



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