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Battle Of The Best Streaming Devices - go!

Battle Of The Best: Streaming Devices

Android TV, Chromecast and Roku

Streaming sites like Netflix and HOOQ have made it so much easier for us to get our eyes on what we want. Gone are the days when watching our favorite shows and movies meant scheduling our days around their air times. These services have libraries that are vast and contain everything from our favorite 90s sitcoms to our guilty pleasure black and white films. So the struggle is not really in getting our hands on the movies, it’s how we watch them.

 Enter streaming devices, which can turn any television into a smart TV. Suddenly, services like Netflix, HOOQ and Disney are comfortably available for the bedroom, living room and anywhere else you have a TV. But with big companies like Google and Apple churning out their own versions of the gadget, how do you know which works for you?

Android TV

Sleek, innovative and easy to use, the android TV is the choice for thousands of streamers. It gives you access to over a million videos, shows and movies via the Google Play Store, YouTube and streaming services like Netflix and HOOQ. With the right internet connection, you’ll soon be watching in high definition thanks to the device’s 4K Ultra HD and HDR features. 

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Google Chromecast 2

The best thing about the Google Chromecast 2 is arguably that it’s cross-platform, which means it also has support for iOS and Windows – all you need is the app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The app that controls the Chromecast itself doesn’t require you to open third party apps separately because it already has everything you could want within it (except for other-platform exclusive content, which you will have to hunt for specifically).


It may not be the most recent streaming device from Google, but we argue that it’s still one of the best in the market.

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Then there is Roku, of which its devices have been called the golden standard of streaming. In particular, that brand's stick format has become highly popular because of their ease and effectiveness. Of course, this format is also incredibly powerful and offers users an entire library of content with the push of a button. The best part? It's completely portable and easy to take with you.  

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Suddenly, scheduling our days around a certain schedule seems like a bit of a novel idea, doesn’t it? So chuck that outdated routine behind and join the streaming-hype. Because it means watching what we want at our time, we're going to make it our new standard. We suggest you join the party – and change your watching experience forever. 


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