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Content & Device Add-Ons You Can Enjoy with Your Globe Fiber Plan - go!

Content and Device Add-Ons You Can Enjoy with Your Globe Fiber Plan

How you can maximize your online experience with GFiber

In a world with an ever-growing dependence on the internet for both business and pleasure, personal and professional, it’s not a stretch to say that a reliable internet connection has become a must-have for the Filipino. With that, it really is best to partner with a reliable communications provider. And if you’re tired of poor and lagging internet speeds, you can always level up your home internet game with Globe Fiber.

Power Your Home with Globe Broadband

As the country’s premier internet provider, Globe continues to push the limits by offering patrons new plans to improve their online experience. Globe’s GFiber plans come with incredible internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps for the first three months. These are also notably affordable, allowing Globe’s valuable clients to experience fast internet connections for just ₱1,599.

GFiber Plans also offer a wide, impressive range of entertainment access, including three-month access to platforms like Viu Premium, HBO GO, and Amazon Prime Video. Furthermore, Globe broadband plans come with three-month access to KonsultaMD 24/7 Online and Hotline Doctor Consultation. (Health, well-being, and safety are kept in mind, too.)

Content Add-Ons You Can Enjoy with GFiber

At Globe, you are treated to perks that make your broadband plans much sweeter thanks to a ton of exciting add-ons. Learn more about them just ahead.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video gives customers unlimited access to world-class shows. Award-winning Amazon Originals like Star Trek: Picard and Kung-Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny are just some of the titles you can watch on this streaming service. Relax and relish in thousands of movies or TV shows perfect for the family anytime, anywhere.

To make things sweeter, you can also enjoy tons of free games, in-game rewards, and a subscription with your Amazon Prime Video subscription.


Get ready for hundreds of hours of uncut HBO and HBO Asia original series, blockbusters, and more with HBO GO. In addition to fast streaming speeds brought to you by GFiber Plans, you can also enjoy same-day episode broadcasts, live or on-demand. Finally, HBO’s download and multi-language subtitle features mean you’ll never miss an episode—and you get to watch it in your preferred language.

HBO GO supports five registered devices and two concurrent streams, allowing you to stream your favorite shows with your friends and family.


Viu is a digital streaming platform that boasts content from the Asia-Pacific, including top material from Korea, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and China with English and Chinese subtitles. Premium subscribers can watch award-winning blockbusters and all-time favorite Asian films from different genres.

For Viu Premium subscribers, dramas and variety shows are accessible eight hours after their original airing. (If you’re looking to go on a K-Drama binge, here are the 10 hottest K-Dramas you can watch on the platform.)

Device Add-Ons You Can Enjoy with GFiber

Linksys Atlas Pro 6 

Globe Broadband users can easily avail of Linksys Atlas Pro 6, which gives them optimized gaming sessions, uninterrupted video calls, and a next-level streaming experience on more than 30 devices, simultaneously. With the Linksys Atlas Pro 6, you don’t have to choose between prioritizing work or play; now, you can get the best digital experience for both.

Android TV

Android TV is one of the hottest add-ons you can get with your Globe Broadband plan. It runs on the latest Android operating system, allowing users to connect to a vast world of content at home. You can access over a million TV shows from your favorite sites like YouTube and Netflix, play games, play radio, and even activate voice controls and Google Cast.

Globe Connected Home Powered by Samsung Smartthings

From outlets, sensors, hubs, and cameras: enjoy the benefits of a smart home with Globe’s Connected Home powered by Samsung Smartthings. Treat yourself to a clean and worry-free digital lifestyle with these awesome gadgets, which you can seamlessly pair with your favorite GFiber plans in order to even further ramp up your digital experience.

Amplify Your Connection with Globe

It’s what you deserve: Get the best internet connection possible with Globe. Whether it’s for work or personal use, Globe’s GFiber plans are designed to address all your connectivity needs. As you power your home with Globe Broadband, make sure to get add-on devices and subscriptions to level up your digital lifestyle.

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