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Need More Data? Globe Volume Boost Let’s You Top Up Your Plan - go!

Need More Data? Globe Volume Boost Let's You Top Up Your Plan

Everything you need to know about this exclusive new service from Globe

Internet usage has gone through the roof for many households. As work-from-home and online learning activities gobble up innumerable bytes of internet data day in and day out, you may be using up your monthly allowance faster than ever. Aside from managing data usage, top-up your data plan to enjoy hitch-free surfing and streaming.

With the launch of Globe Volume Boost, getting back online is now faster and more hassle-free. Thanks to Volume Boost, you can resume your online session in no time, even after consuming your data allowance.

To start using Volume Boost for your Globe plan, get to know the most important things about this new service.

What is Volume Boost?

Volume Boost is the extra data allowance that you can add to your Globe At Home internet plan once you've used up your data cap. With this add-on, you can enjoy continuous browsing at the same speed as that of your existing Globe At Home subscription.

How does it work?

The use of Volume Boost includes the following terms and conditions:

  • You need to have enough credit limit to avail of Volume Boost. Otherwise, you'll have to request first for an increased credit limit via the Globe At Home app.

  • The add-on will take effect within 30 minutes if you register through the Globe hotline or via Globe apps. In other channels, it will take 2 hours after the request is confirmed.

  • Your Volume Boost purchase will be added on top of your plan's monthly service fee. The new total will be reflected in the billing statement on the month you availed of the add-on.

  • You can avail of a Volume Boost even if you have remaining data from your internet allowance. In this case, your data usage will be taken from your Volume Boost first before your plan's internet allowance.

What are the available variants?

Depending on your subscribed plan, whether it's DSL, Fiber or LTE, you can get the following Volume Boost internet allowance valid for one month with corresponding fees.

DSL and FiberLTE
+ 50GB for P99+20 GB for P99
+200GB for P299+60GB for P299
+300GB for P499+100GB for P499
+500GB for P599+150GB for P599
+800GB for P799+200GB for P799
+1000GB for P999+300GB for P999

How can I avail of Volume Boost?

You can get Volume Boost from Globe with a few simple steps:

  • Go to

  • From the list of Volume Boosts, tick your chosen booster.

  • Indicate your account number and personal details. Be sure that the information provided matches the record on your account.

  • Wait for the text or email message about your request for Volume Boost.

No Data? No Problem!

When it comes to data allowance, more is definitely better. Running out of internet data can be frustrating and stressful, especially if you're in the middle of your online meeting or virtual class. It can also be difficult—sometimes impossible—to pick up where you've left off, so you may end up missing something really important. 

Sign up for Globe Volume Boost to stay connected non-stop. Tell your family and friends about how they, too, can enjoy uninterrupted internet connection by sharing this article. 

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