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Financial Apps to Help You Stick to Your Holiday Budget

Keep the season worry-free

The holidays are in full swing once again, packed with get-togethers and feasts worth remembering. Unfortunately, the expenses necessary come along with it, too, and it can be a challenge to navigate this season without going over budget. Fortunately, there’s an app for just about anything. 

In recent years, personal budget apps and e-wallets have made it possible for people to manage their finances from their smartphones. Here are our top picks for budgeting apps to help you stick to your holiday budget:



Monefy is a great app for monitoring expenses on a daily, weekly or monthly basis many thanks to its sleek layout, color-coded pie chart and customizable categories. One of its unique features is that it can sync across multiple devices through a Dropbox account, allowing you to track your spending without a hitch and even maintain a spending record amongst multiple users.

Get it here: Android | IOS



Wally provides a more casual approach to sticking to your budget. Aside from creating categories for your spending, you can add a sentimental twist by tagging friends, adding pictures and even marking your location. Additionally, inputting purchases can be done by taking photos of receipts, making tracking expenses hassle-free. 

Get it here: Android | IOS

Money Manager Expense and Budget


Running a side hustle during the holidays? Money Manager Expense and Budget lets you conveniently run a double-entry bookkeeping account system. Recording your cash flow automatically adds earnings to your account and subtracts expenses when applicable—taking out the complications of book balancing. 

If you maintain a credit or debit card, this app allows you to set when to settle your bills, reflecting an accurate change in your account balance without having to edit it manually. The app is also for more serious users as you can generate regular financial reports to keep track of your budget.

Get it here: Android | IOS



This e-wallet app allows you to navigate holiday shopping with ease—paying bills, shopping,  sending and receiving money—with digital records to help you keep track of it all. Through cashless transactions, you get to pay in exact amounts, minimizing the need to make additional purchases to round your total out. 

Aside from this, GCash offers various merchant promos, a line of credit and even investment options, which allow you to maximize your gains and stay on track with your holiday spending. 

Get it here: Android | IOS

The Christmas season should be a time for joy and celebration, not stress and worry. With these financial apps, it’s easy to be on top of your spending and even earn perks along the way. Of course, nothing beats great deals to ease the burden on your wallet. 

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