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GCash Hacks For Your Next Padala - go!

GCash Hacks For Your Next Padala

Make this your love language!

We’ve all become GCash converts, especially in quarantine (it’s actually been a year?) with contactless payment as the new standard for everyday transactions. We’ve become completely reliant on the virtual wallet to make payments for online purchases, complete business transactions and even settle that occasional padala

Celebrating an occasion? Feeling extra malambing? You can actually get creative when sending over that padala to your significant other, a family member or even your best friend. You don’t have to settle with just a 60-character message (hello, Express Send!). 

If you want to make GCash exchanges even more fun, try out the “Send with a Clip” feature. You can attach your padala with a photo, video or even a voice note. Send a photo with stickers, frames and even doodles, or send a 60-second mp3 audio clip to make it more personal. Maybe try a 10-second mp4 video for an animated experience, too? 

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Just follow these easy steps: 

Step 1: Login to your GCash App and tap "Send Money" on your dashboard.

Step 2: Tap "Send with a Clip" to proceed to attaching a media file.

Step 3: Tap the media type you’re going to attach.

Step 4: Prepare your preferred media file, a photo, video, audio file or themes, not exceeding 1MB file size.

Step 5: Input the necessary information on the fields provided. 

Step 6: After inputting necessary information, tap "Next."

Step 7: Review the details that you provided then tap "Confirm."

And you're done! Make sending your GCash padala your love language.

Learn more about GCash’s Send with a Clip here

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