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5 Ways to Give Back to Frontliners While #SafeAtHome - go!

5 Ways to Give Back to Frontliners While #SafeAtHome

No good deed is ever too small

The global pandemic in our midst is changing how we live. In this time of collective uncertainty, there is an inexhaustible gap to be filled—with good work and compassion. One may feel helpless amid these unsettling headlines; still, there’s plenty of work to be done. As television personality Fred Rogers once said, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” 

Filipinos have always been known for their bayanihan spirit, their community-centric way of life.  Looking for projects and initiatives to reach out to during this crisis? Here are several ways to help without leaving the confines of your home. 

Globe Rewards

No good deed is ever too small. Together, our points matter with Globe Rewards. Help provide much-needed test kits, alcohol and personal protective equipment for our health workers and frontliners by donating your points. As of today, P14M has been donated to the PGH Medical Foundation, Inc. and P10M to the Lung Center of the Philippines with the help of Globe subscribers and monetary donations from the company. Know more about it here

Download the app through this link. Points from 2019 are valid until June 2020. 

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Help From Home

Looking for an all-in-one information hub—and a flawlessly designed one at that—as a means to help? Help From Home features a directory of growing initiatives and updates to help our frontliners and families affected by the global pandemic. Equip by sponsoring sanitation needs like medicine and equipment. Provide meals for frontliners and low-income families. Fund testing geared towards the production and distribution of COVID-19 testing kits. Move our frontliners and government personnel by supplying means for public transportation. 

Help by visiting Help From Home


Make hope viral with Puhon!, a fundraising concert with chart-topping group Ben&Ben. 

Provide personal protective equipment and nutrition support for frontline healthcare workers, COVID-19 testing kits and relief goods for daily wage workers by donating any amount through the fundraising show. The hour-long Facebook Live event will be held tomorrow, March 27 at 7PM. 

For more information, visit

UN Refugee Agency

Refugees in low-resource settings are endangered by the global emergency. In Mindanao alone, there are 484,443 recorded displaced individuals due to armed conflict and violence. The UN Refugee Agency seeks out your help through monetary assistance. P10,000 supports one month’s work of health education. P5,000 sustains the construction of one tube well to provide clean water. P3,000 provides a one-day refresher training on health, hygiene and nutrition. P2,000 provides soap distribution to households. 

Donate now and reach more families through this link

Zalora Cares 

Take part in the global effort to alleviate the threat of COVID-19 through Zalora Cares in partnership with Philippine Red Cross. Ensure the health of frontliners and underprivileged families who do not have access to basic necessities by donating. Choose from the following amounts: P100, P200, P500, P1,000, P2,000 and P5,000. Donate here

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Digital bayanihan is apparent during these trying, uncertain times. Be part of this movement and donate now. 

Words Elisa Aquino

Art Alex Lara

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