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Globe 5G Lights Up The Town to Strengthen Connections With Loved Ones This Christmas - go!

Globe 5G Lights Up The Town To Strengthen Connections With Loved Ones This Christmas Season

The holidays can still stay merry 

In a community that celebrates Christmas like we Filipinos do, it’s hard not to get used to the usual traditions: a seemingly endless amount of food, holiday songs in the background, a Christmas movie on for the kids, titos and titas gathered around in groups to gossip and catch up with each other. Some wake up before the sun is out to participate in Simbang Gabi, others take full advantage of the longer mall hours to find the perfects gifts. 

But this year has looked like no other in our lifetimes, and the Christmas traditions we grew up learning aren’t exactly options we have. But what is the Filipino if not creative and adaptable?

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With Globe 5G, our options are virtually limitless. It’s time recreate the Christmas we love with a little help from technology. 

A Christmas Reunion: Quarantine Edition

While we understand the want to see family—especially at this time of the year—it’s better to still social distance ourselves as much as possible. Instead of braving the roads, steady a laptop that faces your family dinner table on Christmas Eve and connect with your loved ones online. 

And while you’ll only see each other through a screen, you can still keep everything the same: wear color-coordinated outfits, eat dishes that have been mastered through the generations and, of course, pose for that family photo right before you sign off. 

Harness The Power Of Online Shopping

Despite the hours being shorter than we’re used to this time of year, the malls are indeed open—but if you can help it, now is the time to get into online shopping (if you haven’t already, that is). 

Find your favorite brands online or find something completely new. Who knows, you might even come across something you never would have otherwise found. 

Let The Elves Help You

Much how the Santa Clause of our childhoods had elves helping him with his presents, we have our own 2020 versions too: the kuyas and ates who are ready to hand our gifts out to our loved ones. Whether that’s sending out gifts or delivering food cooked straight from your kitchen, there are ways to still connect to those you love most. 

The old traditions of potluck and exchanging gifts are still very much alive. 

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With Globe 5G, experience effortless connectivity and don’t cut off any of the important moments. All that said, this year’s change of pace can also make way for new traditions—that still celebrate the best of 2020. Visit the Globe 5G art installation in BGC, one of the hotspots for 5G, snap your photos and responsibly take in the holiday air. 

Art Matthew Fetalver

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