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6 Ways the Globe At Home App Can Make Your Life Easier - go!

6 Ways the Globe At Home App Can Make Your Life Easier

Take control of your internet connection now!

Staying on top of your Wi-Fi account, like all household expenses, is one of those #adulting things you needs to master. However, the thought of the complicated process is enough to make one dread getting it done. Wouldn’t it be perfect to have an app that helps you track, manage and pay off your internet bill all in one go?

Luckily, you don’t have to look too far to find the one app that does it all. Meet Globe’s expert solution, the Globe At Home app.

What is the Globe At Home App?

The Globe At Home app is a free application that allows you to monitor and upgrade your Globe At Home Prepaid or Postpaid Wi-Fi account. With just your tablet or smartphone, you’ll be able to track your Globe At Home account and have access to features that help you maximize your connection with ease.

6 Ways the Globe At Home App Can Make Your Life Easier

Track your usage at a glance

Have you ever experienced the dread of needing to go online only to find out that you’ve gone over your data plan or ran out of balance? With the Globe At Home app, you can quickly view your remaining balance, current data usage and total data allowance in near real-time, so you know when to load up.

Add to your data plan

Other traditional data plans may require you to take additional steps and file for upgrades in person. The Globe At Home app, however, lets you add more to your plan by availing either HomeSURF promos for prepaid Wi-Fi or Volume Boost for broadband plans. You can also choose to upgrade your plan by applying through the “Account Services” tab.

Make bill payments with ease

One thing that can make settling bills a chore is having to line up at payment centers or banks. Beat the queues by paying directly through the Globe At Home app! It’s as simple as connecting your GCash account or credit card and clicking the “Pay Now” button.

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Take advantage of free streaming services

With the rise of streaming services, movie nights and weekend binge-watching have never been simpler. Globe At Home Prepaid Wi-Fi and Postpaid plans come bundled with free streaming service subscriptions to HOOQ, iWant, iflix, and Amazon Prime Video, which can be activated directly through the app.

Redeem freebies and gifts

Getting freebies is but a bonus to a stable and reliable connection, but being able to automatically redeem these bonuses really puts the cherry on top. By claiming your freebies and gifts through the app, you can instantly enjoy your rewards!

Troubleshoot issues with ease

It’s understandable to get frustrated with connection or account issues, especially if it involves lengthy customer service calls and processes. The Globe At Home app makes it easier for you to troubleshoot your issues with its in-app guides and functions, making the solution a click away.

Making Connections Matter

It can be a hassle to make sure you’re managing your data usage and staying on top of payments. With the Globe At Home app, you can do all those things while maximizing all the benefits your plan has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Take control of your internet connection by downloading the app now on Google Play or the App Store.

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