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Globe at Home Helps Create Your Best at Home

Say goodbye to your at-home nuisances

Everyone’s home situation is different, but we all mostly experience the same pains—whether that means not having enough time to catch up on our shows or not having necessary WiFi connection throughout the house. Fortunately, there are solutions to these problems and they’re made easier with Globe at Home.

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The issue: Finding a common time for the family to bond over a movie or show

The solution: Internet is the new TV

Every member of your household probably has their own schedules to follow and these times don’t always free up at the same hours. This makes it difficult to spend time together at your own home to relax and enjoy a family-friendly series or movie. Sitting down and watching something on the screen seems like it’s easy to put together, but it’s actually not always the case—especially when you have to work around the schedule of traditional TV.

The Globe At Home solution is this: Internet is the new TV. With Globe At Home, you have fast and reliable internet that will allow you to stream what you want to watch, when you want to watch it. Not to mention, there are no commercial breaks and you get the full HD experience, too.

The issue: Not having access to your favorite content

The solution: Efficient access to content apps

That said, it’s inevitable that individuals within your household will have their own favorites, too. Your spouse might prefer to stay in-the-know on all things sports and your kids might have a taste for local material.

The solution, of course, is easy access to different streaming services that offer this type of content, which is provided by Globe At Home through its partnerships with Netflix, HOOQ, FOX+, DisneyLife, Amazon Prime and iFlix.

The issue: Paying repetitive bills

The solution: Cut off the redundancies

With the number of monthly bills that you have to pay, costs should be cut whenever possible. If you haven’t found yourself browsing through channels in the last few weeks and have been tethering towards shows that you can stream when you want it, there’s really no need to still be paying a cable bill.

Cut of the financial redundancies in your life and focus on what gives you the most instead.

The issue: Inconsistent connectivity throughout the home

The solution: WiFi Mesh

At this point, it’s well-know that the closer you are to your router, the stronger your connection is. And while this is common knowledge, it’s not exactly easy to stick everyone in a single room while they’re working on (or watching) different things.

So get connection to every corner of your room with the Globe At Home WiFi mesh devices. Take your pick between AirTies or TP-link, which prioritizes video streaming and features parental controls, respectively, and experience fast and reliable internet anytime you’re at home.

The issue: Not having your own space to stream your favorites

The solution: Globe At Home Streamwatch Roku Powered

Traditional television sets may not have the fun new features of a smart TV, but if we’re being honest, the latter can be too expensive sometimes. So instead of shelling out thousands of pesos to replace the sets you currently have, just upgrade its features with Globe At Home Streamwatch Roku Powered.

The device gives you access to partners like Netflix, HOOQ, FOX+ and DisneyLife with a few clicks of a button.

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No home is perfect, but there are situations and issues that can be helped and addressed to make being at home a little better for everyone.

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Isabella Canlas

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