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Everything You Need to Know About the Go5G Unli Data Promo

Everything You Need to Know About the Go5G Unli Data Promo

Experience no data cap as you enjoy streaming and gaming!

With today’s fast-paced digital evolution, it comes as no surprise that once-novel upgrades and fun tech add-ons are now seemingly a necessity. With millions of people connected to the internet through their smartphones, tablets, and desktops for nearly all things, securing a fast and reliable internet connection is vital—not just an option. 

With a poor internet connection, you might not easily access the information you need for work, play, or personal. Consider that downloading files, uploading videos and presentations, and live streaming entertainment need dependable and solid internet speed, too. 

The demand to stay connected anytime, anywhere is growing; thankfully, Globe’s 5G internet is here. Compared to other types of mobile data connections like LTE, 5G is 20 times faster, with fiber-fast speeds of up to 100 Mbps.

Before you take advantage of Globe’s unli 5G data promos today, so you can stay online whenever and wherever, here’s everything you need to know:

What is the Go5G Unli Data Promo? 

Globe Prepaid offers Go5G, a boost for your Go or Go+ data promos that allow you to tap into unlimited 5G data. This promo lets users with 5G-capable devices, 5G-ready SIM, and located in 5G-covered areas enjoy lightning-fast internet, high-quality streaming, and a next-level gaming experience with no data cap. 

Below are the Go5G unlimited data promos that you can avail.

Go5G 99
Go5G 199
Go5G 299
  • Unlimited 5G mobile data

  • Valid for 3 days

  • ₱99

  • Unlimited 5G mobile data

  • Valid for 7 days

  • ₱199

  • Unlimited 5G mobile data

  • Valid for 15 days

  • ₱299

Who can register for the Go5G Unli Data Promo? 

Before availing of the promo, make sure that you tick off the following requirements.

  1. You must be registered to any of the Go or Go+ data promos

    • Go90, Go120, Go140, Go250, and Go400

    • Go+99, Go+129, Go149+, Go+250, and Go+400

  2. You must have a sufficient load balance

  3. Your SIM card is either 5G-, 4G-, or LTE-capable

  4. Your mobile device is capable of 5G

  5. You’re located in any of the areas covered by Globe 5G

How can I register for the Go5G Unli Data Promo? 

Follow the steps below to register for a Go5G data promo and experience unlimited data access.

  1. Go to the GlobeOne app.

  2. Tap “Buy” and proceed to the promos section.

  3. Type “Go5G” in the search bar, select the promo type you want, and hit “Subscribe.”

  4. Choose your preferred payment method and proceed to payment.

You can also get the promo by texting any of the following keywords and sending them to 8080:

  • GO5G 99

  • GO5G 199

  • GO5G 299

Experience the Impossible With Globe 5G

With more people coming online daily, fast and reliable internet is a must. Globe aims to provide new ways to connect, watch, play, travel, and enjoy more of life with its various data promos like Go5G. 

Experience an uninterrupted connection with Go5G and create new adventures with superfast internet. Try this and other prepaid promos from the country’s favorite telco today!

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