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HomeWATCH vs. HomeSURF: Which Promo Should You Get? - go!

HomeWATCH vs. HomeSURF: Which Promo Should You Get?

Here’s how these two WiFi prepaid plans stack up against each other

Connectivity has become all the more indispensable in the not-so-new normal. Since many offices and schools have yet to return to face-to-face interactions, virtual has become the primary method of communication for those staying at home. Thankfully, prepaid internet plans are within reach.

We’re talking about Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi. This WiFi package from Globe is a quick fix for your internet connection needs because it’s as simple as buying the modem, plugging it in and connecting to the internet—no need to wait for cabled connections to be set up!

This prepaid internet plan is perfect if you don’t want to commit to paying monthly fees for postpaid subscriptions. You can load your Home Prepaid WiFi once you’ve used up your data allocation or whenever is most convenient for you.

What’s more, the Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi package offers a wide selection of promos, from work-from-home internet to internet for online classes and video streaming.

The only question now is: Which Globe Prepaid WiFi promo suits your needs better—HomeWATCH or HomeSURF?

HomeWATCH vs. HomeSURF

HomeWATCH and HomeSURF are exclusive WiFi promos that let you stay connected 24/7 whether you need it for work, school, entertainment or the news. Here’s how these two WiFi prepaid plans stack up against each other.  

What is HomeWATCH?

The best thing about HomeWATCH is it lets you stream content from your favorite apps keeping you informed and entertained for days, weeks or even a month. WiFi promos from HomeWATCH let you have more bang for your buck by giving you up to 4GB of free data for GoWATCH apps like YouTube, Netflix, iflix, Viu, VLive, TikTok and NBA!

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You can register to any one of these internet plans for streaming to your heart’s content:

  • HomeWATCH199 lets you binge-watch on a budget with. It offers up to 34GB of data, valid for 7 days with a daily cap of 6GB open access data + 4GB for videos.
  • HomeWATCH599 is for when you're done completing all your school or office reports. It comes with up to 75GB of data valid for 15 days, a daily internet allocation of up to 15GB of open access data from apps or websites and 4GB of video content
  • HomeWATCH999 is for the true homebody that wants just a little bit of company. Watch all you want daily with up to 140GB of data good for 30 days, with daily caps of 20GB for open access data and 4GB of videos.

What is HomeSURF?

HomeSURF goes easy on media streaming by catering more to basic web browsing, email and social media usage. It’s your go-to WiFi plan if you’re mainly doing office work, freelance projects or homeschool lessons.

Here are the top promos available under HomeSURF WiFi:

  • HomeSURF199 is for you if you’re a heavy Google or Gmail user, with up to 22GB good for seven days. The daily cap for data using apps and websites is at 15GB, while it’s 1GB for streaming videos with GoWATCH.
  • HomeSURF599 is built for the remote workers and students. This WiFi promo lets you surf the net with data up to 55GB consumable within 15 days. The daily cap is at 40GB and 1GB for open access data and YouTube, respectively.
  • HomeSURF999 allows you to browse, email and go social for 30 days worry-free. It comes with up to 100GB of data. The data cap is at 70GB, while the 1GB YouTube allowance refreshes daily.

How to Register for HomeWATCH or HomeSURF

You can register for both promos through the Globe At Home app.

    1. Open the Globe At Home App

    2. Go to the dashboard and click get more data to view the available packages

    3. Select the HomeSURF of HomeWATCH promo of your choice to start surfing

You can also register through the GCash App.

    1. Log in to your GCash app

    2. Go to Dashboard and select “Buy Load”

    3. Enter your 11-digit mobile number

    4. Look for the “Broadband” tab by swiping the tabs left

    5. Choose the HomeSURF of HomeWATCH promo you want

    6. Click “Next” and confirm the purchase

    7. You will receive a text message confirming your registration

Offline registration options include dialing #143* on your phone and visiting your neighborhood AutoloadMax Retailer.

Watch and Surf with Your Home WiFi 

When it comes to internet services that give you value, Globe has your back. Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi lets you watch and surf in the comfort and safety of your home, whether it’s HomeWATCH199 versus HomeSURF199 or the other promos mentioned above. 

Register to HomeWATCH or HomeSURF WiFi promos from Globe for your surfing and streaming needs!

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