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How to Shop Online With GCash - go!

Never Miss a Sale: How to Shop Online with GCash

How to shop online and top up your Shopee Pay and Lazada Wallet through GCash

Since the lockdown began, we’ve all had to adapt to changes, which includes searching for alternatives to errand day. How do we get the essentials out of the way without leaving the house?

Luckily, the internet has helped us through this predicament by making online shopping more convenient, with payments done in a matter of minutes using the GCash app or by converting Globe Reward points to GCash credits.

These days, too, there are a ton of sales on popular shopping platforms like Lazada and Shopee; it can get tricky keeping track of the best deals. (You may have even missed out on discounts or limited-time redemptions that you could have claimed on the New GlobeOne app.) But that’s all about to change.

With Christmas fast approaching, more exciting deals are expected to come your way. Have a frictionless shopping experience by learning everything you can do with GCash!

Shopping on Lazada Made Easy

Lazada today is one of the most popular and widely used online shopping websites in the country. Apart from the massive discounts that you can get through Lazada’s monthly sales, the e-commerce platform also provides plenty of free vouchers that you can use for free deliveries and even bigger price drops. 

How to pay with GCash

1. Link your GCash account with Lazada on the checkout page after you’re finished shopping.

2. Once linked, click view all methods on the checkout page.

3. Choose the GCash e-wallet and click confirm the selection. 

4. Back on the checkout page, click on GCash e-wallet and enter your credentials.

5. You will be asked to choose between two payment sources: GCash or GCredit.

6. Enter the security code sent to your phone number and input your four-digit GCash PIN.

7. You have now successfully linked your GCash to your Lazada account.

How to top up your Lazada Wallet with GCash

Using the Lazada wallet lets you make smoother transactions on the platform and gain other benefits (such as faster disbursal time and rebates). At the same time, it’s easy to add more credits to your account using GCash. Just follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Lazada account via the app or the website.

2. Click the Lazada wallet icon and select cash-in. Enter the amount you wish to top up

3. You will then be asked to choose which payment channel you would like to use. Select GCash then click Confirm Payment.

4. Enter the one-time password sent to your mobile number followed by your four-digit GCash pin.

5. Check your new balance and enjoy shopping.

Go on a Spree on Shopee

Similar to Lazada, you can get daily deals on Shopee along with exclusive vouchers, depending on your loyalty tier level. These specials also apply to items from both domestic and international sellers. 

How to pay with GCash

1. On the checkout page, select payment option and click payment center/e-wallet.

2. Select GCash and confirm your payment method. Once done, tap on place order on the checkout page.

3. Verify your email and log in to your GCash account.

4. Input your GCash details and enter the security code sent to your mobile phone number.

5. Complete your transaction by clicking the pay button.

How to top up ShopeePay with GCash

1. Log in to your Shopee account via the app and click the ShopeePay icon on the homepage.

2. Choose the value you wish to top up and click pay now.

3. Choose payment center or e-wallet (GCash) as your payment method and verify your email address.

4. Once done, enter your GCash details and enter the six-digit code sent to your number.

5. Click confirm and pay.

Make Things Sweeter with the Globe Rewards App

Shopping is made better with the New GlobeOne app, where you can turn your purchases into points to claim offers you won’t find anywhere else. This includes exclusive discounts on your favorite Globe prepaid and postpaid plans, as well as free credits for your phone, mobile data and broadband internet

Did you know? You can also convert Globe Rewards to GCash! Apart from this, get even bigger savings by buying from Globe’s partner merchants. 

Take Globe Wherever You Go

Setting up online payments is quick and easy with GCash. At the same time, you can use your number to sign up for other Globe apps to get more exclusive deals and redeem more rewards. Best of all, you can access everything through the New GlobeOne app.

If you are not a subscriber yet, you can switch to Globe now and still keep your number. Download the app today and get easy access to your Globe and TM accounts all in one place.

For more rewards and deals, visit Globe’s official store on Lazada. Just as well, Shopee offers daily deals that are just too good to pass up on. Set your sights on Globe’s official store on Shopee and score awesome deals today.

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