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iPadOS: 5 Cool Features You Should Know About

For one, the new iPadOS takes user experience above and beyond

The iPad has been a standout device in Apple’s slew of gadgets. This year, the tech giant gave this well-loved tablet a major upgrade. Enter: iPadOS.  While patterned after iOS 13, hence the technical version number iPadOS 13, it accommodates the tablet’s unique functionalities and enhances them quite impressively that your iPad becomes a serious contender for replacing your laptop.

In all its versions and patches, you’ll never find yourself short of new and exciting changes in the way you use your iPad. Here are some seriously cool and essential features that you should know about:

  • Multitask apps with Split View

If you’re the type that loves to multitask on your device, then you will love this handy update as it allows you to do just that. Ever wanted to watch videos while chatting with friends? Or view multiple online resources and, at the same time, take notes without minimizing your browser? 

With the Split View in iPadOS, you get the advantage of accessing and using different apps on one screen. You can even create multiple windows from the same app. This functionality may not be at the same level as with a traditional laptop, but in tandem with Slide Over, it gets pretty close.

  • Maximizing activity with Slide Over interface

Speaking of Slide Over, it isn’t exactly a new feature for the iPad. But with iPadOS, the feature gets an overhaul. In the past, Slide Over allows you to drag an app from the dock and let it float on the screen. Now? You can have multiple apps over the main app you’re working on or even two apps if you’ve got Split View enabled. The gestures for getting your apps to overlay may be tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, Slide Over removes the hassle of returning to the dock.

  • Work across devices with upgraded Files

Moving away from previous iOS versions, iPadOS has reworked its Files system. Aside from a new Downloads folder, Files now supports shared folders through iCloud. This allows you to work and collaborate with other people across devices, syncing any changes in real-time. 

What’s more, you no longer need to rely on third-party software to store specific files. It’s also now easier to access files through a USB drive, SD card, or even a hard drive. Files also has new features—Column View, which allows you to browse through files in nested folders, and Quick Actions, which lets you rotate, mark up, or create a PDF from within the app.

  • Do more with increased text features

Inputting text into your iPad has become even more seamless with the addition of swipe-typing functions that the likes of SwiftKey and Gboard also have. The new QuickPath typing keyboard allows you to type with one hand by gliding to different letters as opposed to tapping individual keys, all while providing spelling suggestions as you go along. 

Combined with the easily-adjustable floating keyboard feature, typing has become even more convenient for all kinds of users. Plus, iPadOS 13 has added new text-editing gestures. You can now pick and drag the cursor to any point in the text, quickly select text by dragging a finger over the desired selection, double-tap to select a word, triple tap to select a sentence, and four taps for an entire paragraph. Made a mistake? Swipe left with three fingers. With practice, you’ll be editing text like a pro.

  • Improved website viewing on Safari

Apple’s default browser Safari has gotten major improvements, too, with iPadOS. The main change is that iPads will now be viewing webpages in desktop view by default. This is a big step towards providing laptop-level experience to users. 

The update also brings with it a Download Manager, allowing you to download media, documents, and even Zip files that can be accessed in a new Downloads folder.

This experience is further improved by the addition of around 30 shortcuts for functions like opening links in the background, toggling downloads, using text selections for Find, scrolling around the screen, and displaying pages at Actual Size.

iPadOS brings powerful upgrades to the table. Users get to experience above-and-beyond performance that was once only possible on laptops. Work and play have become an easier, faster, and overall, better experience.

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