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KonsultaMD App: Your Virtual Healthcare Partner

KonsultaMD App: Your Virtual Healthcare Partner

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Virtual healthcare is the remote delivery of healthcare services or medical communication using telecommunications like chat or video calls. It's a convenient and safe way to connect patients with healthcare providers without in-person visits.

While virtual healthcare isn't new, its popularity grew massively during the pandemic when there were nationwide lockdowns. This alternative medical care option helped many people address their illnesses without risking infection by the virus.

This practice is slowly becoming the norm today, with companies like KonsultaMD being one of the Philippines' top virtual healthcare providers. If you want to learn more, we'll discuss everything there is to know about KonsultaMD's virtual healthcare app.

What's the KonsultaMD App? Key Features & Benefits

The KonsultaMD app is the telehealth provider's official mobile add-on, connecting you with licensed healthcare professionals for consultations, advice, and information. It offers several key features and perks, such as:

  • 24/7 Access to Medical Professionals
    Speak to an expert general physician anywhere and anytime without setting an appointment beforehand.
  • Video and Phone Consultations
    Reach licensed physicians through any communication medium you prefer, whether chat, video conferencing, or phone call.
  • Prescription Services
    Request electronic prescriptions via text or the app.
  • Health Reminders and Monitoring
    Receive consistent notifications regarding your checkups and other related medical procedures from the KonsultaMD app.
  • Laboratory Tesults Interpretation
    Gain credible medical insights regarding your checkup and test results.

Getting Started: How to Use the KonsultaMD App

Are you looking to schedule an online appointment with KonsultaMD's medical professionals but don't know how? We got you covered. 

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the KonsultaMD app.

Step 1: Download and install the KonsultaMD application.
The KonsultaMD app is available in the official Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Step 2: Create an account and register.
Provide your mobile number on the app to receive a one-time passcode (OTP). Input it and create a PIN code. Fill out the form with all the necessary information, click “Next”, and your account is ready.

Step 3: Navigate the app.
The KonsultaMD app home screen provides many options right from the start. You can talk to a doctor, purchase medicine, and even book lab services. There's also a wide range of available physical and mental medical options to help with your needs.

Step 4: Choose your preferred healthcare service.
Pick the healthcare service you need:

  • General Medical Consultations
  • Specialized Consultations (Ex: Pediatrics, Dermatology, Psychology)
  • Health Advice and Preventive Care Consultations
  • Medication Inquiries and Prescription Renewals

Step 5: Book your appointment and schedule consultations.

Depending on your health issue, choose the medical professionals who can help you, such as a physician, physical therapist, specialist, and many more. Aside from that, you can view their availability and their corresponding consultation fee before scheduling an appointment.

Step 6: Explore the different modes of communication for consultations.
In whichever communication medium you prefer, the KonsultaMD app enables you to reach your preferred healthcare professional or specialist through chat, call, or video conferencing.

Step 7: Proceed to payment.
The last step involves attaching an official government ID and paying the necessary fees. The KonsultaMD app provides multiple payment options, like credit or debit cards, including the GCash app. Review your order summary, and once you're satisfied with the particulars, click “Confirm” to schedule your consultation officially.

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KonsultaMD: Pricing & Subscription Offers

KonsultaMD provides affordable services and membership plans to help with your medical needs better. Let's briefly discuss some of their options and their corresponding prices.

KonsultaMD ConciergeAn in-app chat function that lets you coordinate with a certified Health Concierge to book consultations or diagnostics tests, arrange home healthcare, and more₱200 for unlimited Concierge chat for 30 days; non-recurring payment

A separate payment is required for at-home and in-clinic lab tests, depending on the service availed through the app.
Fast PassVideo consultations with general physicians, which you may schedule in under five minutes, guaranteed with KonsultaMD’s premium VIP membership₱500 per consultation
Mental Health SupportVideo or chat consultation with licensed mental health counselors, available round-the-clock₱600 for video consultation

₱399 for chat consultation
Konsulta PlusA monthly subscription program that provides unlimited on-demand chat consultations with your choice of general physicians₱150 per month

Prices may vary based on the type of service, so it’s best to remember that when scheduling your consultation or availing the offerings mentioned in this article.

You can also enjoy discounts and other perks by applying for a KonsultaMD voucher. Under “Claim your health plan here” at the bottom of the home menu, input the code and click “Claim.”

KonsultaMD App FAQ

  • How does KonsultaMD protect my information?
    KonsultaMD’s privacy policy states that they do not sell your private information for any purpose. In addition, the telehealth provider doesn’t share your data with any party unless they receive prior approval or request from you. 
  • How do I set an appointment through the KonsultaMD app?
    To schedule a consultation on the KonsultaMD app, click “Talk to a doctor now.” The app will redirect you to a new window to see the available medical specialists and their corresponding fee. 

The Future of Healthcare with KonsultaMD

Virtual healthcare is a life-changer for many, as they now can access medical assistance wherever they are with only a few clicks. KonsultaMD is at the forefront of this advancement and remains committed to offering top-notch telemedicine services for Filipinos nationwide. 

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