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Is MacBook Pro 16 the Best Laptop Apple Has Ever Developed? - go!

Is the MacBook Pro 16 Really the Best Laptop Apple Has Ever Developed?

Apple’s MacBook Pro 16" is being called a powerhouse laptop. Here’s what we think

Apple is at it again! The tech titan welcomed 2020 with a new premier laptop, the MacBook Pro 16", which is a robust machine on its own. Many Apple fans and users have hailed the latest model the best work laptop in the market, claiming that the MacBook Pro has found its way back to its former glory. 

Whether your current unit is close to giving up or you’re looking to shop for a reliable work laptop, you may want to add MacBook Pro 16" on your shortlist. Below, we round up the reasons why it’s the best-performing MacBook Pro yet.


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Bye-bye, uncomfortable butterfly switch keyboards

Apple listened to users and took note of the criticism concerning the bothersome butterfly switch keyboard attached to laptops from 2015 to 2019. Long story short: they've finally ditched it for a more comfortable typing mechanism.

The latest MacBook Pro now boasts a scissor-switch design keyboard mechanism. It’s snappier, has bigger keycaps and delivers a more tactile typing experience compared to its predecessors. 

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Bigger, better, fuller display

Apple always gets it right when it comes to screens and displays. The MacBook Pro 16" model boasts a large, true-to-color retina screen with a higher resolution of 3072 by 1920 pixels (226 pixels per inch). This is a significant enhancement from its 15-inch predecessor, which only featured 2880 by 1800 pixels. 

You can expect the display on the latest MacBook to be sharp and crisp. The larger screen size means getting a comprehensive view of your work, which is excellent when you’re viewing two windows side-by-side or multitasking. It’s also helpful when working on complicated applications like Adobe Premiere, wherein a seamless, fuller view makes work a lot easier. 

Extra room for improved thermals

An extra .03 inches of thickness is enough room to allow Apple to incorporate significant changes like bigger battery cells, thinner fan and design, larger heatsinks and an improved thermal system for better heat dissipation. 

Because of these internal reworks, the new MacBook Pro can perform at higher speeds than the previous versions. The unit can go on 12W more power through its 8-core Core i9 processor without suffering from thermal throttling. (You can now play Fortnite or edit videos for a reasonable amount of time without running into any issues.)

High-quality speakers

For people who want a laptop that can deliver an out-of-this-world multimedia experience, you won’t be disappointed with the new MacBook Pro. Apple upgraded its speakers to integrate a six-speaker sound system, dual opposed speaker drivers to minimize undesirable vibrations and an extra half-octave of bass. 

As a result, music and audio from streaming media are clearer than before. You can hear every hiss and kick drums in a song and catch even the quietest details in a TV show or movie. Musicians, podcasters, content creators and video editors will find the speaker quality a significant advantage. 

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An OS designed for maximum performance

The MacOS Catalina in the new MacBook Pro is built to supplement and take full advantage of the model’s robust hardware. The MacOS is cleaner and more intuitive, which is one of the reasons creatives lean toward MacBooks. 

The Dark Mode beautifully complements the impressive Retina display. One of its handy features is the "Sidecar," wherein users can connect an iPad Pro and use it as a secondary screen or a writing or drawing pad. 

A Powerful Machine to Carry Around

Apple fixed the most obvious issues and improved it for the better. The MacBook Pro 16" is built for people who handle heavy workload every day. You definitely won’t have issues even with 20 tabs open here or running apps in the background. The 16-inch MacBook Pro 2019 is built to get work done without running sluggish or low on battery juice in just a few hours of use. 

If you’re a devoted Apple fan looking to get a serious upgrade, you shouldn’t overlook this powerful model. Meanwhile, if you’re new to the world of Apple, this is the best time to hop aboard.

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