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You Know You’re A Millennial If You Have These Gadgets

You probably own a few of these

A generation is defined by many things, like fashion, television shows and beauty icons. And with the quick development of technology, gadgets now also define the line between age groups—which is arguably the truest with millennials. 

Fidget Spinner

Here’s one that the older generations really just don’t understand. We know you know what fidget spinners are and we know you don’t actually know what they’re for. Well, it actually helps calm down the user’s nerves and fidget tendencies.

Stress Cube

The stress cube works a lot like a fidget spinner, but it gives you more options on what to do with your fingers. You can choose between endlessly pressing buttons, turning gears or a metal ball and running your thumb across a smooth surface.

Selfie Stick

The selfie generation wouldn’t have gotten its name if it weren’t for—obviously—selfies. And who would millennials be if they didn’t make taking selfies easier for themselves?

Fitness Wearables

In an effort to live a well-balanced life, millennials tend to sport fitness wearables, which give the details on their heart rate, calories burned and number of steps taken. It’s an easy way to keep track of what they’ve done and what they need to do. It also provides them an avenue to share their progress with friends.


Millennials have this sometimes unhealthy obsession with wanting to record things. At the same time, they have this thinking that they should be living in the moment. These things sort of contradict each other in practice, which is why the GoPro has been so popular.


While GoPros allow millennials to take action photos and videos without the level of struggle as standard cameras, drones let them take videos from long distances. Gone are the days that only professional photographers used them—your standard millennial will have a version of it stored in their home.

Waterproof Anything

Whether it’s for speakers, headphones, smartphones or cameras, a waterproof feature is given utmost importance. It could be because they love the sea, but it could also be because they’re a little on the clumsy side.

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