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If You Love DOTA, You’ll Love Mobile Legends

It has all the MOBA characteristics you want, right at your fingertips



Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has been a hot little commodity in the gaming world and we completely understand why. It’s likely to be what your seatmate is playing on your daily commute or what your officemate has his eyes glued on during those slow times at work. The gameplay is familiar for all those that have tried their hand at DOTA and loved it. Here’s why:


It has the same Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) gameplay

It’s hard to imagine playing a MOBA game on your smartphone, but Mobile Legends has incorporated the style quite flawlessly. There’s enough space on screen for you to see your hero, your teammates and your enemies. The controls are easily understood as well and it does not hinder your sight of the map. 



Speaking of the map.

The map style of Mobile Legends is also similar to that of DOTA. One corner is your base, while the enemy base lies on another. The look and feel is rather similar, too, so you’re bound to feel at home really quickly.


You can opt to battle against the computer.

Mobile Legends is generally a game that is played with friends, but you can opt to just play against the AI. This will allow you to explore the game without waiting for your friends. But if you want to practice as well, this is a great way to do so without people hammering you. 



Skins feature is integral.

Just like in DOTA, Mobile Legend makes use of skins, which can help enhance the skills and attributes of the hero. These skins can either be purchased in-app, but they can also be earned—if you’re lucky enough!



Photo via Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


But there is one important difference.

That is, you can play Mobile Legends on the go. You don’t need to wait until you’re home or at a computer shop to actually play the game. All you need is internet and the app itself and you’re pretty much good to go. 




Mobile legends can be downloaded on the App Store for iOS users or on the Play Store for Android users.

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