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5 Mood Tracker Apps to Help You Know Yourself Better - go!

5 Mood Tracker Apps to Help You Know Yourself Better

Analyzing how you feel on certain days can help you draw a connection between your mood and your headspace

Ever tried journaling to better understand your emotions? If the answer is yes, you might appreciate a good mood tracker app. Like its offline predecessor, a mood tracker allows you to record your emotions, thoughts, musings, and so much more. In this way, you can document and better process the state of your headspace during a specific period. 

Aside from serving as a digital log of your feelings, mood tracker apps also make it easy for you to sift through past entries for introspection. It lets you spot mood and behavior patterns, so you know what your triggers are, whether your coping mechanisms are effective, and what activities most consistently give your mood a lift.

If you want to give the mood tracking app a try, here are five recommendations that can help you get to know yourself much better.

Smiling Mind

Psychologists and educators from Australia developed this mood tracker to help bring balance to your life in as little as 10 minutes each day.

Smiling Mind includes programs that can help you with stress, sleep, mindful eating, focus and attention, and even your relationships. Since meditation plays an impactful role in these programs, Smiling Mind allows you to download specific clips to listen to whenever and wherever you want. It even has a built-in dark mode, which can ease you into relaxation at the end of the day.

Smiling Mind is free and compatible with iOS and Android. 

A cartoon brain lifts a heavy weight.

Smiling Mind is a mood tracker app that brings balance to your life.


Not a fan of writing (or should we say, typing) what you feel? Sometimes, it’s difficult to find the right words to describe your mood. That’s okay, too! If this sounds like the typical scenario for you, try Daylio. This mood tracker app lets you pick emojis that match your current mood. It even allows you to customize them to represent a more nuanced range of emotions. 

You can also use Daylio to keep track of your day-to-day activities. Charts and graphs are automatically generated using your data, which help you analyze your moods and how they relate to what you were up to in a given day. 

This app is free to use, but more advanced features require the premium version. Daylio is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Five colored emojis showing different moods are on a phone screen.

Looking for a more visual mood tracker app? Daylio might be what you need.


Aside from the typical mood tracker functions, iMoodJournal also helps you take note of your sleep patterns, medication, energy levels, and much more. It also lets you use hashtags to help you stay organized and on top of your entries. This way, you can find past activities, moods, and other things you want to check with a single tap. Set reminders and never miss out on making an entry.

Additionally, iMoodJournal allows you to analyze your entries by checking your mood records plotted on an animated chart. It lets you better connect moods or emotions with particular actions or situations, so you know what to avoid and what to lean into. 

iMoodJournal is a paid app for iOS and Android devices.

A cartoon brain lifts a heavy weight.

Smiling Mind is a mood tracker app that brings balance to your life.

Track Your Happiness

Track Your Happiness is part of creator Matt Killingsworth’s doctoral research at Harvard University. (Of course, the Harvard University Committee for the Use of Human Subjects approves this research.) This mood tracker app aims to help you discover and understand what makes you happy while contributing to the scientific understanding of happiness.

How Track Your Happiness works is it prompts you to answer questions a few times a day. Here, you receive questions on how you’re feeling or what you’re currently doing to help you pinpoint the factors associated with happiness and positive moods. You can go back and check these entries whenever you want to.

Track Your Happiness is free but is only compatible with an iPhone.

A phone screen displays the description of an app.

Track Your Happiness focuses on positive emotions.

Year in Pixels - Mood Analyser

If you want a straight-to-the-point mood tracker, Year in Pixels - Mood Analyser might be for you. On this app, you simply assign a color reflecting your mood each day. This way, you can look at your entire year and see how it went—in fun hues. The app also reminds you to add an entry each day so you don’t end up with missing blocks. 

While its features are limited compared to the other options on this list, it can be a good start for someone who isn’t used to the tedium of having to track their emotions.

Year in Pixels - Mood Analyser is free, with additional functions available through in-app purchases. It works with iOS and Android devices.

A calendar with each day marked with different colors.

Year in Pixels - Mood Analyser is a no-frills but useful mood tracker app.

Worried about losing your entries? Relax because these apps allows you to back up and restore your data via the cloud. And if you’re using Globe’s Ultrafast 5G network, you can use your mood tracker apps more smoothly. Say goodbye to lags and slow connections. 

A smiling woman using her phone

Mood tracker apps can help you look back and see what made you happy. Photo: Shutterstock

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