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Tech Thursday: Nanofixit Invisible Screen Protection - go!

Tech Thursday: Nanofixit Invisible Screen Protection

We put an end to the debate on the best screen protector



Anyone looking to take good care of their gadgets knows to invest in maintenance items. A screen protector is likely at the top of the list. While countless articles compare plastic and tempered glass, the main contenders in the market, it might be time to consider a semi-new third option that actually proves to be superior.

The Nanofixit invisible screen protector is a liquid screen guard that’s scratchproof and water resistant, enhances screen clarity and reduces cellphone radiation. The application also makes this the quickest and most convenient screen protector yet—no peeling, adhering and dealing with annoying screen guard bubbles necessary (yay!).


It works in three easy steps and in less than three minutes. A one-time application can last up to 2 years, too. But don’t be fooled by how extremely low-maintenance the process is: Nanofixit is certified with 9H hardness, which means this high-tech invisible shield is almost as resilient as diamond. Now damage from car keys, loose change and clumsiness don’t stand a chance.


How It Works


Step 1: Clean





Use the alcohol pad in the sachet to clean the glass surface of your screen and your back camera lens. Wipe the surfaces dry with a clean sheet of tissue paper.


Step 2: Apply





Gently wipe your phone screen and back camera lens using the liquid screen protector. Use vertical and horizontal wiping motions making sure to cover the glass surface completely. Do this for 30 seconds then leave to dry for one minute.


Step 3: Polish





Wipe down your phone screen and back camera lens using the microfiber cloth until the surfaces are dry. Apply the liquid screen protector one more time. Wait 60 seconds and polish the surface again.


Scratch Test







Nanofixit Phone is available at the Globe Online Store for only P399. Nanofixit also comes in a 3-in-1 pack meant for two phones and one tablet. You can purchase Nanofixit 3-in-1 at the Globe Online Store for P999.

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