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Introducing The New and Improved NBA App

The go-to app of all NBA fans just got better



For a while now, the NBA App has been the go to place for fans and followers of the league to quickly check on stats, scores and game highlights. And while it has always provided the necessary details, the app is continuously being developed and improved as well. The recently added features of the same only make the experience of using it much more enjoyable and efficient. 



The new update provides an entirely new viewing experience for NBA App users. This includes the ability to zoom in while on the mobile app as an alternative to the wide angle view of the court. So instead of focusing intently on one part of the phone during an exciting part of the game, users can opt for the video to just show the relevant players’ ball movements.




Moreover, the update lets users download specific content to be watched at a later date or a later time. So in order to save on data, downloading can be done via a Wi-Fi connection and then watched offline. To get to the download section, users need to only click their profile and the “My Downloads” folder will be seen. But for those that prefer to know about the game as soon as it becomes available, there is another option.




NBA App users can also opt to just listen to the game and corresponding commentary via the new audio function or the audio league pass. The actual video will not show during this time, but it also means less data will be consumed. Think about it like listening to the game via the radio or a friend’s recap—only more detailed, more official and better overall.




Rapid replay is also now available, though it is limited to iOS users. So individuals with an Apple device can watch game highlights almost in real-time. The highlights are likewise condensed and are featured on one page for users to easily identify, choose, click on and view.





Furthermore, a new feature allows users to activate their NBA League passes while within the NBA App itself. Less fuss, more content.




Download the official NBA App now. Available on the Play Store and App Store.

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