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Tech Thursday: Osmo Pocket

Who says small items can’t pack a punch?

What do you do when you want to dip your feet into the videography world? You take a look at the Osmo Pocket, one of the market’s smallest camera offerings, of course.


The Basics

The Osmo Pocket, to be simplistic and technical, is a handheld gimbal camera. That is, a recording device with a built-in pivoted support that allows movement without sacrificing the camera’s stability. Think walking down the street in your not-so-graceful glory and still being able to record smooth-as-butter videos. Think an old Hollywood crane used for big blockbusters in the palm of your hand.

But what’s ease without the quality? Unlike DJI’s other offerings, take for example the Osmo Mobile, the Osmo Pocket doesn’t depend on any other device. The built-in camera shoots photos in crisp 12-megapixel quality and videos are shot in up to 4Kp60 definition.

The Unboxing

The Osmo Pocket comes to you with a charger, a USB-C port, a Lightning port, a case for when you’re not filming and a wrist strap should you want to attach it to the device. The case is as portable as the you want it to be and you’ll need it for storage; the Osmo Pocket isn’t something you should throw into your backpack haphazardly.

Pretty basic stuff, but it’s really all you need for those pro-quality videos anyway. Piece of advice though: If you plan on thoroughly using the unit (and we think you will), then go ahead and purchase a micro SD card so you’re not cramped with space.

The App

Like with all things tech nowadays, the connection of one device to another really depends on an efficient application. In this case, you’ll need the DJI Mimo app to get the full experience of the Osmo Pocket. The unit itself has a screen which allows you freedom to customize on-the-go but the features on this are limited; mostly of the functions are found in the app. It will also allow you to easily create videos in its Story Mode and you’ll even get the option to choose between ActiveTrack, Panorama and Time Lapse—depending on how you want to tell your story.

The DJI Mimo app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Some Real Talk

While the Osmo Pocket may not have the fanciest of features that you would get with more renowned cameras, it is perfect for those who have made videography a casual hobby (and those that want to start out, of course). It’s efficient, simple and easy to maneuver—and if you have your editing skills down pat, you have the opportunity to create some really stunning visuals.

The only disclaimer, perhaps, is that the Osmo Pocket is only capable of recording about 2 hours worth of continuous footage. So while it’s definitely able to capture in high-quality, you might have some difficulty using it if you have your eyes set on a long one-shot video. You’re better off with capturing snippets of birthday parties, family reunions and unforgettable vacations.

The Verdict

The DJI Osmo Pocket should be your go-to for go-everywhere recording. It gives you stabilized footage that you and your audience or loved ones will enjoy, in quality that you won’t be able to get with a standard smartphone. Its capacity to record in 4K at 60fps in a portable unit makes it incredibly worth the investment.

Get the DJI Osmo Pocket now for P23,200. Visit for other must-have devices.

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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