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Balancing Act: Here's How to Perfect That Work/Play Balance

Maybe nailing that equation isn’t as hard as it might seem

The further into the future we get, the clearer the need for a life outside the workplace becomes. While clocking in hours of overtime and kicking all systems into full force was once romanticized, the game has changed. Here and now, it’s all about perfecting the balance between profession and passion, work and play.

Is work-life balance really possible? Cutting our lives into appropriate fractions, at a ratio that would leave both our day jobs and divertissements? It sounds ideal at best, but well worth the attempt nonetheless. There might not be a one-size-fits-all equation to nailing that balance, but there are little tweaks we can make in the day-to-day to inch our way closer.

First thing’s first

Priorities, priorities, priorities. It seems the first step to doing more is actually admitting that often times, you can’t—not when your workload towers high over you. Instead of trying to cover all bases all at once, go into the minutiae. What little tasks can you complete in a day? Which of those 10 tasks you have lined up is actually most important?

Sounds simple enough? Take a moment at the end of the day to reshuffle the next morning’s tasks or even rethink your to do list over your morning coffee.

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Know your quirks

Being well-acquainted with one’s own strengths and weaknesses is a given, but making (and maximizing!) time for both work and play calls for a little more than that. Are you a morning person or a night owl? When do you get most work done, and when do you feel the strongest urge to kick your to do list to the curb in favor of gaming, watching videos, or creating content for the fun of it? 

Recognizing one’s peaks and troughs may very well be the key to doing more, and doing it well.

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Get a device that brings your worlds together

Perhaps the secret to balance is less about dividing our worlds, but bringing them together instead. 

Samsung’s latest additions to its roster of smartphones set the scene for just that. Say hello to the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+. Bridging the realms of work and play, both devices are fitted with features to ensure you excel and enjoy the best of both. Laptop-like storage and user experiences fit right in the palm of your hand, with memory capable of expanding to a size of 1 terabyte and the Samsung DeX system making for a seamless, PC-grade experience when connected to a laptop. All the files you need are now accessible and downloadable on the go—without size nor safety being a setback.

The S Pen boasts an upgrade of its own, too. With an auto-charge feature kicking into action once the pen is nestled safely inside the Note10 or Note10+, the multitaskers and fast-movers have one less thing to think about. Armed with the ability to process air gestures, the S Pen also doubles as a lightweight, multi-use remote.

That’s plenty of work—but what about playing? Passions and pursuits are nurtured with the multi-camera system. Depth, live effects, bokeh—this state-of-the-art technology brings movie level video to mobile scale. Crisp, vivid displays make the surreal feel real, transforming the gaming and viewing experience as we know it.

Perhaps it is possible to get the best of both worlds.

Perfect that balancing act between work and play with the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ (256GB or 512GB memory), yours for the taking with ThePLAN 1499.

Words Cessi Treñas

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