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Home Decor : Entertainment Area

Create the perfect entertainment center in just 8 steps.

While our smartphones can do just about anything from playing our favorite movies to defeating imaginary clans with our own, there are times when it is still not enough. To completely enjoy the experience, we need to be immersed in it and to do just that, the perfect entertainment center is in order.  Follow the steps below to set up one at home that’s just right for you.

1 Figure out where you’re going to set up your entertainment center

The ideal is to have an entire room dedicated to an entertainment center. But if your living room works double time as your entertainment area, that’s okay! Just know where the project is going to be and find out what you can and cannot do in the space.

2 Create a budget for the entire project

This might not be the most exciting step but it is definitely essential. Creating a budget manages our expectations as it dictates how much we can spend on a new TV or sofa. Can you afford a 4K TV or just HD? Is the sofa going to be a custom-made one or are you buying off the floor?

3 Write down want you want

Put the time you spend online to good use by searching for photos that inspire you, as well as the gadgets you’d like to use. (Keep number 2 in mind, always!)

4 Map out the new room

Figure out where the sofa, tables, and shelves are going as well as which wall will be bearing your new screen. Don’t forget to take measurements to keep everything in proportion.

5 Find a screen that’s perfect for the space

A screen that’s too small for your room would keep you from straining to see what’s on, while a screen that’s too big will be quite overwhelming. The key to the perfect screen size is to find one that’s proportional to the width of the room to the depth of the room. According to BBC Two’s “What to Buy” TV series, here’s a good rule of thumb.

Sofa's distance from the TV   Size of the TV screen in inches
6 feet26 inches
9 feet39 inches
13 feet46 inches
15 feet55 inches

6 Choose comfortable seating

Get a comfortable sofa, armchairs, or even beanbags. Lay down a plush rug so even when the room is packed, anyone can plop down on the floor and still be comfortable.

7 Organize

The entertainment area’s biggest enemies are wiring and storage. Plan ahead as to how you will hide miles of wires and store your gadgets – media players, gaming consoles, sound system, and even your router! The key is to dedicate spaces for each one of them.

8 Sound proof the room.

Improve the acoustics of your entertainment center as well as keep the noise within its four walls by soundproofing devices. Available locally is the acoustic foam, which is usually used in recording studios and cinemas. An alternative is to use a plush carpet for the floor and thick curtains to help absorb the noise. 

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